Here's the situation:

Although I can't actually prove it based on the screenshot, there is a Terraforming in my own Graveyard which was used to search the field spell card known as Catapult Zone.

I activate Catapult Zone and the AI immediately activates Twin Twister. Since I only have one legal target for it the AI erroneously targets one of its own cards (even though the effect of Twin Twister says "up to two"). I don't know if Maxx "C" would have been the best choice to discard for the cost in this situation but that's besides the point. As you can clearly see, the AI is still on 8000 Life Points, meaning Solemn Warning was never activated.

Normally, the AI does wait until I have at least two spells or traps on the field, and does activate Twist Twisters as soon as those conditions are met (and there is a card it can discard). Usually it doesn't activate Twin Twisters if I only control one spell or trap. Therefore, it must have seen Catapult Zone as a major threat.

upload pic 

And, as its in my hand, I thought I should also mention the AI seems to have a lot of trouble with Gaia Plate the Earth Giant  as it never seems to factor in the fact that it will halve the ATK of any monster which is battles. This may have been mentioned before (by me).

In the same match as the above screenshot, there was a situation where I attacked into Invoked Raidjin  with Gonogo  but it didn't chain the effect of Invoked Raidjin  to that of Gonogo , which I feel it should have done (assuming there are no rulings preventing it from doing so). I wanted to check if it would know I would attack with Gaia Plate the Earth Giant  afterwards (since that was the only way I could potentially win). It didn't and so Invoked Raidjin  was flipped face-down - by the effect of Gonogo  - which subsequently enabled Gaia Plate the Earth Giant  to attack it without fear of its Special Ability.