Hello everyone which has good knowledge in card scripts. I need help adapting the Field Spell "Heavy Metal Raiders" to the previous version of Ygopro.

Well, since the release of Ygopro-vs-link beta, this version has not received any updates, but so far, so good for me, it was expected and I understand that. However, as per cards are released on the ygopro-vs-link, I transfer the cards that I most like to the version 1.033.7-V2, adapting them to work on it.

Of course, I know most scripts in the current version do not work the same way in the previous version, so I (with a minimum of knowledge I have), I try to adapt the scripts of those new cards to the old version of ygopro.

I have already put the "White Aura Monokeros", "Ojamaparty" and a card I always wanted to use since it was released, the Mecha Phantom Beast Raiten, only having to modify the Monokeros script.

However, now I find that a situation that has left me very confused, I can not adapt the "Heavy Metal Raiders" to the old version.

For some reason I can only seting in the field but not activating it with face-up.

I tried to understand reading his script, modifying something, but I did not get any kind of result, I can only seting that card in the field without activating it. What do I need to do to fix this?

I'll leave his script down here to make it easy, and whoever can tell me what I should change, or if you prefer, you can send the complete Heavy Metal Raiders script which would make it work normally in the old ygopro

I checked and those cards were added in the old version
[YOL wrote:

Edo9300;181337]I checked and those cards were added in the old version

My goodness, Now that you said, I opened Ygopro by the debug, and I discovered that I was giving the bug in the updates, but I already managed to correct it now, thank you EDO, and really, it is still updating all the time in ygopro and did not even know . [:lol:]