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Well, i had to show off somewhere, so here it goes [:laugh:] It is nearly my first time on working with ygopro (original) source codes, so yeah, don't judge.

The fact that cards looked like trash on hi res monitors bothered me for quite a long time, and as card generation function is the same in original and Percy's ygopro version, i decided to fix it on my own, here is the result


That card has resolution of 400x583, and there are no more card cropping or stretching’s over the screen, system now is resizing card to fit the screen, but keeping card's original resolution.

It will also help adding new card images to the game, as now it does not require any size editing, just place card of any resolution and it will work just fine.

Tomorrow i will finish this for card's effect activation, and it will be finished.

I hope that Percy will include this fix in next ygopro updates, as it has no downsides and will improve look of the game by quite a lot. 

P.S if Percy might be reading this, ignore my last pm, i was on drugs while writing it, and just pm me if you’re interested in this fix above.
Wow this is great. Can't wait until I can have nice card images. Would also be nice to see this implemented by default. Cant wait until its finished.