Registration date: [your current time] - 5th December.

Tournament Settings:
Date = Wednesday 6th to Sunday 11th
Duel Mode = 1 Match Duel
Banlist = Latest TCG banlist.
Card Pool = TCG+OCG
Duel Client = Ygopro Percy
Blanklet = Single Elimination

Discord ID: Grimark#2911 
You need to join either of these but it would be preferable if you had Discord.

1.You MUST follow the duel settings.
2.You can only use 1 deck in this tournament. You must submit your deck along with the registration. After the deck is submitted, you CANNOT change your deck. This counts to main deck, extra deck and side deck.
3.You will have 32 hours for each round. You must complete your duel within given times.Evem though, you need to finish as soon as possible
4.You need to contact your opponent BY YOURSELF. The opponents for each round will be provided in challonge.
5.During the duel, if you happen to “disconnected” or leave the duel by any means, it will be considered as surrender. Unless you have proof that it is server fault or technical difficulties.
6.To register, you need to contact Grimark in DISCORD. You MUST also attach the decklist along with registration.
7.Please respect your opponent and the moderators. Do not be rude.
8.Any violation of these rules will render you unable to continue.
9. Finish the Group as much as possible. Don't try to slow down the tourney for any reason IT IS YOUR OWN responsibility to talk with ur opponents and it was also YOUR decision to participate.
10. Timezones might be an issue you participate in your own accord.
11. Not fulfilling the demands of the Organize might result in disqualification

If you want to register, read the rules. They are really important. If you still have question, ask Grimark.

Thank you for participation and good luck! @everyone