Hey everyone!

I’ve always been interested in character decks and character deck duels. A year or so ago, I played the campaign of Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist which had you playing through the anime taking the place of a character during each duel, and using a version of their deck that was specifically tailored towards using the cards and combos they got off during that duel (for example: having the Yugi vs Panik/Player Killer of Darkness duel where his deck was wayyyy stronger than yours, but if you just kept a Defense-Mode Catapult Turtle and used it’s effect the entire time, there was almost nothing he could do, or the Yugi vs. Seeker/Rare Hunter duel where you had to face off against someone with 3 of each exodia pieces and a bunch of Graceful Charitys, Pot of Greeds, and Swords of Revealing Lights, but you also happened to have a few copies of Time Seal/Lightforce Sword/Chain Destruction/other cards that really helped you fend him off).

I loved this idea, and got to work making decks like that on YGOPro, where we have access to a plethora of anime cards (thanks to the impeccable Michael Lawrence Dee), as well as stuff like two draws per turn (which I think is almost necessary for eventful character deck duels).

This is the result of that work. By copying all of the files below into your YGOPro folder, you can get a copy of all of these decks (complete with a custom Defense Mode card that I managed to script that allows you to summon in face-up Defense Position). Furthermore, I’ve made the duels match the anime even closer by creating a list of “Duelist Challenges” that the person controlling the winner of the duel in the anime must complete before finishing the duel (example: “Your opponent must summon Jinzo,” in the Esper Roba duel, “Win while you control Slifer the Sky Dragon” in the Bakura vs. Yugi duel, and “Simultaneously control Goddess Urd’s Verdict, Goddess Verdande’s Guidance, and Goddess Skuld’s Oracle at some point during the duel” in the Jonouchi/Joey vs. Ziegfried duel)

Ideally, this is a two-player game. That being said, I've been just dueling against myself like this for over a year now lol. Unforunately the AI in this game is not good enough to play these decks well at all, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't even support the anime cards. That's the biggest flaw in this system right now, but if you don't have a friend and you don't have the patience to play against yourself or against the terrible AI, I recommend checking out my Youtube channel!

I've been uploading videos where I go episode-by-episode and show some of the better replays that I've gotten, and then I do a deck profile on each deck.

As of right now, only Duel Monsters is supported, but I'm over halfway through GX, and I plan to, at the very least, go through 5D's. Also, I haven't finished the decks for Duelist Kingdom (because I find the antiquated way of dueling boring.. but I'm finishing them slowly) or the Virtual World (because Deck Masters make my game freeze), and a lot of smaller duels will probably never be featured, like the duel with Mai and Jean-Claude or the duel with Valon, Rebecca, and Otogi/Duke.

These decks are not exact. I have what I would call "exact versions" of each of the characters' decks, but lets be honest, there are like a million of those on this site, Youtube, and pretty much every other place where Yu-Gi-Oh! players gather. In Legacy of the Duelist they had cards that worked with the spirit of the strategy and that would help with that duelists' combos, which makes for the most exciting duels. That's what I've gone for here.

Additionally almost every deck (Seeker/Rare Hunter, for example, does not have these) has a copy of Sabatiel - The Philosopher's Stone (TF6), Burning Soul, and Magical Mallet (Anime) - or as I call them, "Heart of the Cards," "Plot Device," and "The Script." In the anime, you draw exactly what you need at the right time. Unfortunately, we aren't all that lucky, but these cards help each deck do the best it can in a world where luck trumps fate.

Remember to check "Don't Check Deck," "Use Obselete Rulings," and change the draws to 2 per turn, although if you only want to do 1 per turn it probably wouldn't be that bad.

To play YGOPro Duel Monsters Legacy, just visit this link and copy the files into your YGOPro folder (you should probably make a backup of your cards.cdb: 
This seems really cool, good work.