Hello everyone , i'm having a problem with Crystron Needlefiber.
When i edit my deck everything is ok , i can search him , add him to my deck.
But when i come to a duel , he gone [:sad:] I don't know that is bug or something

I hope someone can help me or have a new update to fix this bug.
Thank you very much!
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Looking at your screenshot, you have the Beta version for Needlefiber (Beta ID) and the servers online are using the official ID now, that's why Needlefiber is "disappearing" from your Extra Deck. Here's a few steps/solutions you can try:

EDIT: I forgot to mention, before trying any of the solutions, open the "system.conf" file in you YGOPro folder (you can use something like Notepad to do that) and make sure the "ignore_instant_updates" line is set to 0, otherwise your game won't update.

1) Go into your YGOPro folder, then in the "expansions" folder and delete the "live2017links" folder
2) Move the YGOPro folder to the root of the C: drive, run the game as administrator (right click on "ygopro_vs_links.exe" > select "Run as Admin"). After the game opens, wait a bit in the main menu until you see the "!" notification on the top right (that means the game re-downloaded the files you deleted earlier). When that happens, open deck edit and search for Needlefiber, its ID should be 50588353 and it shouldn't be Beta anymore.

If the above doesn't work, try manually downloading from https://github.com/Ygoproco/Live2017Links  and replacing your live2017links folder with what you downloaded.