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I want to try playing in previous formats such as djinn format, hat format, and monarch format. Is it possible for me to download old YGOPRO versions to do so? If not, can anyone suggest other ways to do so?
Hi Xlord,

Since the Ygopro site no longer offers downloads on their main page, it may be difficult to track down the old versions of the game. In addition, even if you do get a copy of an older version, its online capabilities may not even function properly since they're not supported anymore. My suggestion if you want to play in an older format would be to edit your Limited/Forbidden List that comes with the game (it's the file called "lflist.conf"). It takes a while to add in all the exact cards but you can always copy/paste card numbers from other lists to create the format you're interested in playing. I have a list for what I believe is HAT Format if you'd like to use as an example of what it should look like:
Then just add the following segment to the very top line (no spaces):
Hope that helps!