Introducing the All-Star Character Tournament where past characters meet the present!

Hosted by: Jamster26 (Credit to AntiMetaman and Authoria Ace for the character requirements)


1. Select one character from this list: http://duelistsunite.org/All-Star.html  (Do not select characters highlighted in yellow). You cannot pick a character that has already been taken. You can make your deck ANY way you want as long as it satisfies the Worlds banlist and the requirements in parentheses for that character. This is NOT a character deck tournament, but a character themed tournament. Make your decks competitive and do not limit yourself to cards that only the character used.

2. Message me on discord (Jamster26#3369) with the character you have selected and the ydk file (your deck)

3. You must send me your decklist that you wish to use for the tournament by sending me the deck file either on the forum or on Discord. You cannot change your deck once the tournament begins, re-submission of deck lists is allowed up until 30 minutes before the tournament begins. Report to me if your opponent violates any deck requirement. Players who violate will be disqualified.

4. BOTH players must record replays of all rounds and the winner uploads all replays with names and score on this thread. (Ex. Yugi vs Mai 2-1, Yugi vs Mai 2-0) You can also alternatively post the yrp (replay file) on challonge or discord. If no replay, then re-duel. If for any reason, a replay cannot be recorded, then pm us. Myself or another kind soul shall spectate your duel live.

5. Each round lasts 2 days. If a replay is not submitted by then, a win is given to the more active player. Active players are determined by activity on the forum and Discord. If both players are inactive/active, then a 0-0 score is given.

6. You are responsible for scheduling your matches with your opponent. To do this, pm the opponent in the forum and schedule a time to meet on Discord chat. If you cannot find your opponent, then contact me.

7. From the Quarter Finals onwards, I will be uploading all tournament duels to my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLOSYv2PJvzmnfHU4vr--vQ

List: 2018.12 Worlds (Deck is compatible with latest TCG and OCG Banlists)
Allowed Cards: TCG/OCG
Format: Group Stage ----> Single Elimination
Begins: March 17, 2018 7PM GMT
Duel Mode: Match
Location: YGOPro Percy

Participants: (Discord Names are in Parentheses)

Yuma (Dustborn)
Pegasus (Connor the Lovely Gentleman#4455)
Bakura (@zenogias)
Mako Tsunami (@Efe)
Kaiba (@RushSykes)
Pegasus V2 (Dragneel90#7733)
Lilybot (xenoburn#9571)
Marik (The guy#9297)
Kaiba (@RushSykes)
Crow Hogan (TheCrystalWing#6661)
Dimitri (Stryker1995)
Yugi V1 (JosephStardust#4019)
Sayer (Light Aura#8041)
Selena (AeroRaiser#7564)
Jaden Yuki (UberBruno#9524)
Revolver (Lucie#1182)
Sawatari V2 (@XenuLovesMeXOXO)
Lulu Obsidian (@Eros)
Yusaki Fujiki (@Playmaker)
Reiji Akaba (@yardenbsh#5509)
Yusei Fudo (@dragotic)
Yuri (@fajarrhaikal)
Akiza (@Apathy)
Emma Bessho (@TheBlueDash )
Kyoji - (@Z3r0 )
Jack Atlas (@NeoKun007 )
Yuya (@meepmoto27 )
Yugi V2 - (@slamka25440 )
Crocodile Cook (@MonoBlueTron )
Atem V2 - (@slamka25440 )
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Evolve Group 
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