Thanks to the retarded website not recognizing my passwords or usernames I've had to make multiple accounts. So, no, I'm not stealing this deck cause Fenris_Silverblood and I are the same person

This my current Blue-Eyes Build and would like help with updating it with the new support from the Kaiba Mega Pack that's coming out on the 9th.

I want to add the following
3 x The King of D.
2 x Dragon Revival Rhapsody (at least 2)

Main Deck 40
Extra Deck 15
Side Deck 15

Monsters 21
3 x Blue-Eyes
3 x Blue-Eyes Alt
3 x Dragon Spirit
3 x Ancients
1 x Legends
3 x Sage with Eyes of Blue
1 x Master with Eyes of Blue
3 x Ash
1 x Effect Veiler

Spells 19
3 x Melody
3 x Trade-in
2 x Dragon Shrine
3 x Return of the Dragon Lords
2 x Silver's Cry
3 x T-Twisters
1 x Soul Charge
1 x Raigeki
1 x Dark Hole

Extra Deck 15
3 x Blue-Eyes Spirit
2 x Azure-Eyes
1 x Blue-Eyes Twin
1 x 38 Hope Harbinger
1 x 62 Prime Photon Dragon
1 x Galaxy-Eyes Cipher
1 x 107 Tachyon Dragon
1 x 95 Dark Matter
1 x Heliopolis
1 x Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand
1 x Crystal Wing
1 x Black Rose Moonlight

Side Deck 15
2 x Chaos Hunter
2 x Ghost Ogre
3 x Cosmic Cyclone
3 x Strike
2 x D-Barrier
3 x Magic Deflector
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