Hello community. 

It is a comment asking for help in formulating a script. Unfortunately I do not understand almost anything of the scripts, and unfortunately my English is not very good so I can understand the explanations given in topics already existent here.

So I decided to at least ask for help myself to sort out the scripts I want, without asking to do the script for me, as that should give you more work.

However, nobody was willing to help me in this matter, which I understand and is absolutely normal, since no one here in fact is obliged to help me. But at least I wanted an answer from someone who'd understand the scripts to see if I'd learn anything from their wording.

However, yesterday I asked for help on the topic talking about the new functions, and besides not having responded, they simply deleted my comment, and the topic left the initial page of the "Card Script" forums.

I honestly do not know what I'm doing wrong here, but if no one can help me, at least answer my comment saying about it, because simply deleting my commentary is not a fair answer to my seeing.
The reason noted was "Necro" you posted in a thread where the last post was 4 months ago. Also it had nothing to do with the thread. If you need help on a script make your own thread. There is no need to post on a different older thread.