Back when Yu-Gi-Oh was young, most monsters had one effect maximum, any more than that, and they'd be powerful, that was why the Egyptian Gods were so revered for having so many abilities to overwhelm the opponent. But those were the lucky ones, a vast majority of cards didn't even have effects.

But now? Nearly every monster has at least two abilities, some having four, and when you see a new card, you're overwhelmed by a giant wall of text for its effect! It was easy to memorise a small group of cards that had large amount of texts, but for nearly every card in recent memory? You'd need an encyclopedia to keep up with all the new cards!

Most of the time when I'm playing Yu-Gi-Oh now and opponents randomly use effects that I had no idea about, all I can just say is: "Oh, okay, that just happened." And often times, I sit there for minutes at a time watching my opponent activate effect after effect, thinking "Is he going somewhere with all these effects?"

Cards on the table, I'm fairly new to the newer parts of Yu-Gi-Oh, I know most of the cards that are around the 5D's era, but after that, I run into new cards all the time now, but seeing all these different cards that activate all these wild effects, it's overwhelming!

Am I the only one that feels this way?
You know right Egyptian Gods are going legal after Synchro/Xyz era? Or are you talking about anime ones?
I last played in 2014 and at that time I thought the effects were already getting too much. They need to make cards that help dead archetypes (Cloudians, Toons) that outright stop monster effects or have something negative happen if they do activate one.