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Sorry to whom I have to ask for the Ygopro 1.034.x .exe file with AI host? I know that AI 1.034.x is not available with ygopro Percy but I would like to try to use the old AI of ygopro 1.033.d, also because I prefer to use the Master Ruler 2, but I would like to add the new 2018 cards. Can someone help me?
It's impossible:
1.: you doesn't have the "addon ygopro percy" in source code. No one has it,except the team. So it's not possible to take 1.034.x and add ai mode of 1.033.d
2.: Many things have changed between 1.033.x and 1.034.x . Not only the MR4 but all other cards are inflicted too(e.g. new functions to make contact fusions much easier). And the AI aren't able to play with that correctly.

The only way to make your point of thinking possible is to take all the new cards in 1.034.x, open the scripts and rescript them so that they are working in 1.033.d 
But the cards have much bugs at all...
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