It's been a long time since I hosted a tournament so the time has come!

Launch Date: 19 May 2018
Banlist: Current TCG Forbidden & Limited List
Allowed cards: TCG/OCG 

1. Your decks are LOCKED. This means that you need to send me YOUR .YDK file from deck (folder) before the tourney starts and I dont accept screenshots of any kind.
2. I will do whatever I can for a smooth communcication with your opponent but you are fully responsible to contact with your opponent.
3. You NEED to report me privately the result(s) as well as saving the replays of your match game and upload it. If you forgot to save a replay and give it to me, the match game will be considered invalid.
4. If there are any technical issues, report it. If the game crushed during side decking, you need to redo the game where you left it off but it is better if you report the incident to the admins or me to reduce any inconvenient occurrence.
5. You have 48 hours to complete each round
Other rules might vary depending on unseeming situations.
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