Poll Question : Which cards should be uploaded first?  (Poll is closed)

Total: 21

Eerie Code
So, we can say for sure we've seen all cards revealed in this month's Jump: to be precise, we have 16 new cards to play with. Now, I'm almost positive I won't be able to upload all of them today: not for their complexity, all of them should be scriptable, but rather due to simple time contraints. So, instead of tossing a 20-sided die, leaving everything to chance and having to deal with a thousand re-rolls whenever the result goes above 16, I'll just let you decide: which sets of cards should be uploaded first? This post will have a poll attached, so don't bother replying directly to this topic, I'll only consider the poll results anyway. Also, don't worry if the cards you desired won't be in the first batches: I'll still try to upload them as soon as I can, this poll is merely there to give them a semblance of order.
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