Well Folks,

have got a Chromebook now and thought how am I supposed
to play YGOpro on it ?

So, it has "Google Play" so you could install the Android version, 🅱but🅱
you would have to go into Developer Channel or Mode (too risky I think).

And then I found "Crossover for Chrome OS Beta" which is like 'Wine' on Linux etc

But, you need an "exe" file, as Chrome OS or Crossover are unable to un-zip stuff !! 

Had to install the c++ 2015 runtime from within (!) the Crossover App first !

Then launch the ygopro-installer from the Downloads folder.

Takes forever to install, but install it did !

Then launch ygopro with the "launch file explorer" and navigate to the exe link like
you would on windows !

Et Voila ! It actually works !!!

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