Obs:I am playing on a Moto G4
I made a deck that focuses on both Slifer and Exodia(More on Slifer than Exodia,but still...)!
The BIG TROUBLE os that Everton time I try to use It on online battle, the game data "invalid deck" ,I swear i just can figure out what is wrong!
Bellow a list of the cards on the deck:

Exodia Head x1
Exodia Right Arm x1
Exodia Left Arm x1
Exodia Right Leg x1
Exodia Left Leg x1
Slifer,The Sky Dragon x1
Star Seraph Scepter x2
Star Seraph Scale x2
Holy Lighting-Wings x2
Holy Lighting-Sword x2
Ra's Disciple x3
Pandora's Treasure Box x3

Infinite Cards x2
Pot of Duality X2
Shard of Greed x2

Trap Jammer x2
Mirror Force X2
Dark Mirror Force X2
Staunch Defender X2

Now that you saw my Card list on this deck,can ANYONE tell me why the game says It is a invalid deck?

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The minimum amount of cards to play Yu-Gi-Oh is 40 in your main deck.
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