Banlist: Current TCG F&L List. (If we get a new banlist, so be it.)
Swiss Tournament
Allowed Cards: TCG/OCG
Duel Mode: Tag Match Mode (Check rule 4)
LP: 16000 LP
Banned Cards: Ancient Leaf
How to participate? Pm to me and i will give you further information.


1. You and your partner are responsible for arranging the duels with the opposite team.
2. The Tag Tournament will last about a month.
3. You need to send me your decks, so I can check them out to see if they break the rules of the tournament. Your decks are LOCKED and cannot be changed. You can, also, add a side deck.
4. The tag duels will be just like a normal match (2 out of 3) with the difference being that after one duel we side deck using Deck edit. (Your side deck cannot be changed, it must be the same in comparison to the (locked) deck you sent me.)
5. You NEED to send me all replays otherwise the duels will be considered invalid.
6. Report to me everything you might find unfair or suspicious.
7. Violation of the rules might probe into disqualification from the tourney for both players.
8. If your partner cannot continue dueling, you can find a replacement. (He can use a different deck.)

These rules might be subjected to change.

Tag Duel Rules:

1. You and your partner cannot double deck. Meaning no team can use an archetype as main deck/engine
(I will check the decks before the tournament to make sure of that.)
2. F&L Rule
Limited cards: A team can only use 1 copy of it.
i.e. Raigeki can only be used once in both decks.
Semi Limited cards: A team can only use 2 copies of this card and cannot exceed this number.
i.e. My partner cannot play 2 Necroface while I do so. Each of us can play only 1 Necroface if we want to play it.
Unlimited cards: (This rule applies only once; you can only share ONE unlimited card.) A team can use 3 copies of this card and cannot exceed this number.
i.e. I can run 2 Shaddoll beast and my partner also run 1 Shaddoll beast but we cannot share other unlimited cards