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While all other cards do, Capture Drone and Mirror Coat Unit seem to not treat SPYRAL GEAR - Drone as a Drone monster (Capture can't be activated if it's the only drone you control and Mirror Coat Unit can't be equipped to it.)

Medicdrone Dock doesn't activate when another drone is destroyed by battle and while it does activate when another's destroyed by card effect, it doesn't increase life points for either player.

Assemble Drone doesn't increase atk or prevent attacks while controlling Drone Pawn, these two errors show up involving it:

At the start of the duel: missing (Effect e) in c511009749.lua

After activating it: :87: attempt to index a nil value (local 'c')
OCG/TCG Drone support will take a bit of time to implement as these have to be checked and implemented manually. As for the other 2 issues, under investigation at the moment.
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