Hi, I have a friend that plays Cardians for fun, but when he tried mixing them with Shaddolls in order to trigger the latter's effects should they be drawn and sent to the GY by the former's, they'd never activate. On the other hand, Overtex Coatls seems to have no problem triggering from being sent to the GY by a Cardian effect, even though its wording is practically the same as the Shaddolls. Is that some sort of obscure ruling I wasn't able to find on the web preventing the Shaddolls from using their effect upon being dumped by Cardians, or is it just a bug?
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I tried "Flower Cardian Pine" with "Shaddoll Dragon" and it's working fine on my end. Do you have a replay where this happened? If so, attach it to your post and state which turn it was.