So, I went out and bought 3 soulburner structure decks just so I could get my hands on the cheap Ash Blossoms. It turns out I actually dig a lot of the cards in this deck, so I kind of wanted to use it. So I then do some quick searching on some deck ideas and stumble upon this video . If you don't wanna look at the video, here is the deck list:

1's: Foxer
True King Agnimazud

2's: Fowl
Jack Jaguar

3's: Foxy
Ash Blossom
Dogaran, The Mad Flame Kaiju

2's: Salamangreat Sanctuary

3's: Will of The Salamangreat
Salamangreat Circle

2's:Salamangreat Rage

3's: Gozen Match
Salamangreat Roar

So I'm just wondering, considering this deck above, what is my goal or strategy for this deck? What sort of mission is this deck supposed to go on? Also, if there is anything you would change that is within the soulburner structure deck or any cheap alternatives outside of the structure deck, I'd like to know that as well.
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