Hi everyone, I was testing my new Fortune Lady deck in AI mode and I found this bug about FL Light.

According to the rulings, her effect activates also if it's returned to the hand, like by compulsory evacuation device, but when I try this move nothing happens.

It's not a matter of misstiming. Even if I have FL Light on the field during my turn and the first and only thing I do is activating CED to return her to the hand (I don't chain the trap to the level-changing effect during the standy phase, I ONLY activate CED during the Main phase), the effect still doesn't activate.

Try it yourselves if you want, I think it's a bug.


Besides, her effects doesn't activate when she is destroyed while face-down, although the text doesn't specify it has to be face-up.
Search in the forum before posting, because it's likely someone has already posted it before.

Originally Posted by: Steeldarkeagel 

But Fortune Lady Light works fine online, but she does not work in A.I mode or Lan mode.

This is a known issue and will hopefully be resolved in the next update.

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