Hello my fellow friends, i like to ask if someone can brick back the old effect of "Time Fusion"

Banish 1 card from your hand; then target 1 Fusion Monster in your Extra Deck. During your next Standby Phase, Special Summon that Fusion Monster, ignoring the Summoning conditions. That monster cannot declare an attack during the turn it is Summoned.

sorry for the bother you for that small thing.[:smile:]
The "old effect" was wrong, so sorry but no, the one currently ingame is the correct effect 
i watch the anime ("Sub and Dub") here is Episode 52 – Versus Kaiser (Part 2) Final Fusion
and here is the episodes in the wikia they write the same thing. !_GX_-_Episode_052 !_GX_-_Episode_052
Zane says him self that thing
"I Banish 1 card from the game, using this,next turn, i can special summon a fusion monster, ignoring the summoming requirements"
and from Bastion we have
"but a monster special summoned monster with time fusion can't attack on turn during which it was summoned"

I love the Yu-Gi-Oh and the game you have create and i spent lot of time in it just like all us, but plz don't change the thinks they say in the anime, The card we have in game is neither close to effect that say in the Anime, if you know something more that me i'm happy to hear it, i start to believe the effect we have now is the wrong not the old one.
1- fandom is not a good source since a few month ago, only use pedia as a reference
2- Pedia likely forgot to update the episode summary page when they updated the card text, the card page have priority over episode page
3- want a few exemple of what is wrong with the old effect? CED was destroyed so in the GRAVEYARD, but the old text summon from the EXTRA DECK when the proxy don't mention a location in the first place
4- I will not speak of the Cruchyroll sub that have a few flaw that I noticed quite a few time, it is why we have someone checking using the audio only when there is a doubt

again, I linked you the card page, it have the same text as us (just that we slightly made it more understandable using PSCT)

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