2019-04-05T09:37:54Z  - this card is only supposed to negate an effect preventing destruction by battle not the whole monster's effect (I believe in the past that type of effect was impossible to make but now it can be?) (anime) - I would like to request someone to try to make out the available lore of this card as I'm fairly certain all of its uses/dialogue mimic the irl version. It was never used for an "additional" Normal Summon as far as I can tell and it always was used to summon a level 5 or higher e hero.  - in the anime Yugi says something along the lines of when it leaves the field you can summon Lenguard, not when it is destroyed by battle. It mentions battle in the provided Italian lore but I have no idea how credible that is. Perhaps someone can try to make out this lore as well? (if possible) (anime) - this card has poor wording and doesn't specify a timing of when the destruction is supposed to happen. In game it occurs during the ep like the vg one. I'd like to request either specifying ep in the effect description or a potentially better interpretation of this wording/effect if possible (tho i don't think there is much to work with). Also it says ATK of the destroyed monster but in game the damage is of the attack after destruction, not at the time of destruction. (anime) - this was reported before but a bit buried at this point and it never got an answer. The card's use in the anime matches the irl and a proxy was never shown so I don't think it can rly be proven the anime one was different and perhaps this should be removed.  - I reported this card before for something but upon relooking at the anime I didn't see any evidence implying it works on "monster(s)" and think it's supposed to be just one monster. (anime) - the damage inflicted from this card is just supposed to be from the cards the player who uses it discarded, not the cards discarded by both players. This can be seen in the episode as well as the manga lore/chapter (manga) !_-_Episode_096#Featured_Duel:_Yami_Bakura_vs._Yami_Marik,_Part_1

"Yami Marik draws "Card of Sanctity" and subsequently activates it to make both players draw until they have six cards in their hand (Yami Marik draws two cards, while Yami Bakura draws four cards). Yami Bakura then activates his face-down "Multiple Destruction" to force both duelists to discard their entire hand and draw five cards. Yami Bakura however takes 100 damage for each card that he discarded by this effect (Yami Bakura 3500 → 2900)."

Also the damage in game occurs before the draw like the irl version/manga lore, but the in game wording implies after the draw it happens. I request a correction to this detail in the effect description as well. (anime) Nothing in the anime seems to imply up to 3 and the manga lore just states 3 (manga)

It will take a while to check everything, I'll try to come back as soon as I can
Thanks CCM, tho there was something I missed earlier so I'll mention it now to save time potentially. (anime)

"This card's ATK becomes the sum of this card's Level x 500 and this card's original ATK. "

Assuming this translation is correct, when stranger was used, 3k damage was inflicted that it had as ATK due to that effect, not 1k. And the irl version is damage equal to the original ATK which I forgot. So there is actually a difference with the damage (unless "becomes" in this case refers to original ATK but I don't think it does)

My bad for the mistake
Puppet Master and Multiple Destruction's fixes were merged, would anyone else be able to look at some of these others in their free time? [:confu:] I've heard Necroshade is a bit of the weird one so mainly the others mentioned.
In the case of Elemental Hero Necroshade, I have already raised the problem on the link below.
I've presented it with detailed explanations and evidence, so I hope it will be helpful for you to refer to it. 
Originally Posted by: duelking011 

In the case of Elemental Hero Necroshade, I have already raised the problem on the link below.
I've presented it with detailed explanations and evidence, so I hope it will be helpful for you to refer to it. 

I am mainly inclined to agree with you however larry brought up to me that there was an instance in season 3 where he actually stated it special summoned a monster and he summoned twice.

Episode 130 

"Jaden draws "Fifth Hope". He then uses the effect of "Elemental Hero Necroshade" from his Graveyard in order to Normal Summon "Elemental Hero Neos" (2500/2000) in Attack Position without Tributing. Jaden then activates "Fifth Hope" to return "Elemental Hero Sparkman", "Necroshade", "Bubbleman", "Avian", and "Elemental Hero Darkbright" from his Graveyard to his Deck and draw two cards ("Neo-Spacian Dark Panther" and "Neo Space").

Jaden then activates "EN Shuffle" to return "Mariner" to his Deck (It returns to the Fusion Deck when this occurs due to "Mariner" being a Fusion Monster) and Special Summon "Neo-Spacian Glow Moss" from his Deck (300/900) in Attack Position. Jaden then Normal Summons "Neo-Spacian Dark Panther" (1000/500) in Attack Position."

It mentions a note saying "This move would normally be illegal, since Jaden has already Normal Summoned a monster." but if you check the original episode he does specifically say necroshade caused a "special summon." I think this should be dismissed as a duel error since it was never referred to as such prior and this seems to be an outlier tbh. But I will admit it's a bit more up in the air than some of the other cards mentioned above where I think it's fairly clear where the issues lie.
This is a picture of Elemental Hero Necroshade not covered with fingers. You can check the card text because the picture quality is not bad. If you translate the card text, you can see that it is the same content as ocg / tcg.


and The case of the Ep 130 is seen as a production miss of an animation producer. Especially, there were many setting errors in Season 3, and there was a lot of PD mistakes, so it was controversial in Japan.
Season 1 and Season 2 and in Season4.. It was like the card effect of Elemental Hero Necroshade (ocg / tcg).
For example you can see that Elemental Hero Necroshade in judai vs yugi is the same as Elemental Hero Necroshade (ocg / tcg).

Hey cybercatman. Please let me know if you need my help in reviewing anime card. I have reliable data.
Why aren't the Elemental Hero Necroshade (anime) cards still removed? I think it's been a while since I explained enough.. It is a wrong card and should be removed.

This link is where I explained it separately. Reference 
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