When you bring back a monster with the "Call Of The Haunted" and then you destroy or remove the card from the field, the monster that was brought back from the graveyard should be DESTROYED and not SEND to the graveyard.
That messes up effects like Yubel that needs to be destroyed in order to bring the second and third form.
On the text specific mentions "When this card leaves the field, destroy that target."
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It seems to be working fine on my end. Do you have a replay where it didn't work with Yubel? Remember that Yubel's effect is a "When" optional Trigger Effect ("When.. you can.."), it can miss timing, so if the last thing that happens is not Yubel being destroyed, then you cannot use that effect.

If it didn't miss timing, do you have a replay where it didn't work? And if so, can you attach it to your post here, stating which turn it happened?
I will try to capture that and post it here
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