Time Fusion has an incorrect effect. It used to have the correct anime effect. The real effect on the wikia is:

- Remove from play 1 card from your hand. Then Select 1 Fusion Monster in your Extra Deck, then Special Summon it during your next Standby Phase, ignoring its Summoning conditions. That monster cannot declare an attack during the turn it is Summoned.

The Japanese card text is:

- 手札からカードを1枚取り出します

When translated it corroborates the wikia effect and becomes this:

- Remove a card from your hand
Then, select 1 Fusion monster on your extra deck, then ignore the summoning condition and summon it on your next standby stage. The monster can not declare an attack during the summoned turn.

Question, are you using the old wikia (now Fandom) or Yugipedia?

Because I rechecked Yugipedia (that is more up to date) and they don't have the same lore as you and I recall that it was fixed something like last year on their side

The correct effect is the one on Yugipedia
Yeah I was using Yugioh wikia.
Although I am watching Yugioh GX subbed on Crunchyroll and Kaiser only says that Time Fusion Let’s him special summon a fusion monster ignoring the summoning conditions. No mention of having to have been on the field. Further, the card that appears in the Japanese anime has its text too small to read, so I’m not sure how there’s any Japanese lore on either wikia.
What do you think?
EDIT: even the dub has him simply saying that Time Fusion Let’s him call a Fusion monster without having to fulfill conditions
I love this card and hope it can revert. Since there’s no in anime reference to a field presence being destroyed requirement and that the Japanese text is too small to accurately record
Even if it is small, you can deduce the text by comparing with other cards
Also, we checked ourself using the Japanese audio (ignoring sub text), and we have the same result as yugipedia
Also, if I recall right, Cyber End Dragon was not in the extra deck at that time since it was destroyed a bit before
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