Blue-Eyes White Dragon 3x
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon 1x
Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon 3x
Dragon Spirit of White 2x
Protector with Eyes of Blue 2x
The white stone of ancients 2x
The white stone of legend 1x
Sage with eyes of blue 1x
Priestess with eyes of blue 1x
Maiden with eyes of blue 2x

Return of the dragon lord 3x
Raigeki 1x
One day of peace 1x
Trade-in 2x
Cards of Consonance 1x
Dragon Shrine 2x
The melody of Awaking Dragon 3x
Foolish Burial 1x
Monster reborn 1x

Mirror force 1x
Drowning mirror force 1x
Solemn Strike 2x
Solemn Warning 1x

Blue-Eyes twin burst dragon 2x
Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon 2x
Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon 2x
Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon 1x
Black Rose Moonlight Dragon 1x
7 next cards slots? Been kinda away for a while, what are some good XYZ or link monsters that can I put in here?