It's been a long time since I've played.
I'm wondering about an odd situation that came up. Maybe someone could explain it to me?

When D.D. Warrior Lady attacks Apprentice Magician, and when someone uses DDWL's effect, YGOPRO won't allow me to use Apprentice's effect.

Waaay back apprentice was the only "recruiter" that didn't have the "and sent to the Graveyard" text like Giant Rat, Shining Angel, etc. which meant Apprentice was always able to dodge DDWL since it didn't matter where Apprentice landed, so long as it was destroyed by battle.

Even with the new problem solving card text, I don't see how I can no longer use Apprentice Magician's effect.
DDWL still says "after damage calculation"?
Damage calculation is still when a monster is determined to be destroyed by battle?
Apprentice still says " If this card is destroyed by battle" without mentioning "and sent to the Graveyard"?

Maybe someone can explain this to me?
Even though Apprentice Magician was destroyed by battle, it was removed from the field by the effect of D.D. Warrior Lady, so Apprentice Magician is not considered to be destroyed by battle. Thus, its effect will not activate. It is similar to Red Dragon Archfiend.