High-class double-layer anti-heat curtain, fabric curtain is composed of a light-blocking fabric curtain and a light-penetrating chiffon fabric inside lớn get gentle light from the outside while ensuring the shielding factor. Get visibility, privacy inside the room.
The outer layer of double-blind curtains is usually sewn in wavy style and opens on both sides, the fabric of the curtain can be selected in plain or patterned pattern, the inner layer of chiffon fabric is sewn in style. A glass or a simple plate is so simple, so charming and charming for the curtain.
- White chiffon fabric is often chosen to go with sunscreen fabric curtains, and patterned curtains, the manufacturer also produces the same type of chiffon textures with layers of fabric lớn match each other.
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- Following are some pictures of high-class 2-layer fabric blinds that EveryHome Curtains have constructed for customers
What is the price of 2-layer fabric curtain?
- Conventional fabrics cost about 400,000 lớn 700,000 Việt Nam Đồng for một meter per layer, finishing construction period from 4-5 days
High quality sunscreen fabric insulated 100%, the price is from 1,300,000 lớn 1,800,000 Việt Nam Đồng for một meter per layer finishing a day, construction period from 4-5 days
Premium curtain imported from Korea, Belgium, Thailand is priced from 1,500,000 to 2,500,000 VND for một meter of finished goose depending on the color of iron and the material that you choose, the construction time is from 12-18 days, imports should be longer than the fabric is available.
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A monster that cannot be Normal Summoned/Set must be Special Summoned by its proper procedure first before you can revive it from the Graveyard with another card effect. "Silent Swordsman" Special Summons the monster ignoring its summoning conditions, so LV7 is not properly Special Summoned by his own procedure.

Before you say "but Level Modulation ignores the summoning conditions" I will also clear that up. "Ignoring the summoning conditions" does just that, it ignores the summoning condition written on the card. However, what I mentioned above is a general game rule and not something that's written on the cards themselves, "ignoring the summoning conditions" does not bypass that rule.

Here's a ruling for "Elementsaber Aina" from the OCG ruling database that confirms this"
KONAMI wrote:

Q: When activating the effect of "Elementsaber Aina" that Special Summons an "Elementsaber" or "Elemental Lord" monster from the GY, can I target a "Phosphorage the Elemental Lord" that was sent from my Deck to the GY by the effect of "Foolish Burial"?

A: If you target an "Elemental Lord" monster in your GY with the effect of "Elementsaber Aina", you can only target one that was properly Special Summoned by its own procedure before it was sent to the GY. Therefore, you cannot target a "Phosphorage the Elemental Lord" that was sent to your GY by the effect of "Foolish Burial".

Translation from yugipedia