Hello everyone!

Does anyone know similar cards like ''High Speed Aria'' that I could activate a continues spell card with a trap and be active on the field? or in general, a trap card which allows me to activate spell form my deck or hand...

card effect of ''High Speed Aria'' >>> Send 1 Normal Spell Card from your hand to the Graveyard; this card's effect becomes that Normal Spell Card's effect when that card is activated. You cannot activate Spell Cards during your next turn.
Thanks LolsterXD97!

I already have a few ideas for my deck.
Hello everyone, once again!

I know this is not the place to post Bugs; but the topic is already open.

I tested few days ago in Turbo duel this card 'Number Spell Caster'' - tribute 1 "Number" monster is not working, to activate 2nd effect! Can anyone confirm if you have a similar problem also in regular duel or is just on my PC?

Card effect >> Tribute 1 "Number" monster; you can activate 1 Continuous Spell Card directly from your Deck.
Hello everyone!

Disregard last post, 'Number Spell Caster' works just fine!
I didn't click always chain! [:doh:]