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Tournament Prize: £10 GBP sent via Paypal or Steam Gift Card (and entry into the Special Christmas tournament with bigger prizes!)

Introducing the YGOPro League! A Competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! League event that will be held every month, will last for 30 days and will co-incide with the regular tournaments we host. The YGOPro League will always be held with the latest YGOPro Worlds Banlist (2019.07).(TCG + OCG).

TCG & OCG Exclusive cards cannot be used ("Dream Mirror" cards for example, cards in "beta" on YGOPro cannot be used either. To solve this, when making your decks, set the "Limit" dropdown to TCG/OCG.

Here's how the YGOPro League will work:

The YGOPro League will have "seasons" which last 30 days, at the end of the 30 days, everyone's rankings are reset.

There will be two leagues that all participants will be placed in, either the Champions League, or Division 1. After the qualifiers, this will be your league that you will compete in for the next 30 days

To determine what "league" you will start out in, all participants interested in entering for the current season will be randomly placed into qualifier groups, with 4 participants in each group.

You will duel against all participants in the same qualifying group as you "twice", (so two best out of three matches). At the end of the group phase, the top two participants in each group will be placed into the Champions League, and the bottom two participants in each group will enter the "Division 1" League.

Once the qualifiers are over and both of the leagues are set, the Season can begin! You will duel every participant in the same league as you twice, the leagues will run for 30 days (or if the league matches finishes sooner then we finish sooner).

At the end of the 30 days, the top 15 participants in each league (subject to change) will advance to separate elimination stages. The participants that finished 1st in the Champions League and Division 1 League will receive a first round "bye" in the first round of the elimination stages.

The elimination stage then plays out like a normal single elimination tournament, the winner of the Champions League Bracket will win £10 GBP, the winner of the Division 1 Bracket will win £5 GBP
Once both of the events have finished, the leagues are reset, and all participants must enter and quality for the next season. (Season 2) The winner of the Champions League bracket for the previous season will automatically be entered into the Champions League for the next season and does not need to enter the qualifiers. The winner of the Division 1 League will automatically be promoted to the Champions League Bracket for the next season and also, does not need to enter the qualifiers.

YGOPro League Rules:


2. You can make your decks anyway you wish aslong as you meet the 2019.07 Worlds Banlist (TCG+OCG). All matches must be hosted with "MR4" and "TCG/OCG" cards allowed

3. You are free to change your decks from match to match, you do not need to submit a decklist to me.

4. You are free to report your own scores directly to challonge once the Season begins, report to me if any incorrect results are reported.

Registrations for the Season 1 Qualifiers will end on Wednesday 8PM GMT, so please register as soon as you can.

PM me if anything is unclear and good luck in the qualifiers!

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