i realized that since you updated YGO PRO - the cards are sent based on our hands.

If you only have 1 discard, the opponent will always have ash.

The Game being good to you when we are followed and very bad when we are the first in the match.

amazing knowledge - if I form an unstoppable field in knowledge if I don't have negate, evenlin match comes to the opponent.

the game always gives you the results you need.

I got tired of hitting the opponent's hand

I realized this from the suffocating thief of the rank that always dealt repeated cards in his hand.

It's a lot of theft - the AI keeps sending letters based on our hands.

there is a way to change that - it's very hard - ygo pro's suffle is a THEFT
The ygopro shuffle Algorithm is visible by everyone (https://github.com/Fluorohydride/), you can check yourself

There is nothing that give you specific card in function of your hand or some kind of conspiracy to make you lose on purpose (even more that this reasoning is stupid, how can we make the difference between two random player to decide who should get the bad hand and who should get the god like hand? even more given the number of players we get every day)

YGO is a card game, in every card game there is a part of randomness, It is not because your opponent is more lucky that the only possible reason is obviously the simulator is rigged...