Hi, i have converted all my cards from ygopro percy to the new EDOPro!
I have also fixed some effects that are not working as intended and updated the scripts for original summoning mechanics (Reunion, Ignition, Reverse Xyz and Armor/Armorizing).
This project includes a total of 469 custom cards, including tokens. I just counted them I thought they were about 200, I got carried away XD
Pics are a bit more because some cards have been discarded in the testing/scripting phase, because redundant or unnecessary for the deck, but the pic still exists. I'm too lazy to look for them in the pics folder XD Eg. Fire Core had a synchro 6 and External Worlds had a Xyz rank 3.

With this update I have added new cards to existing archetypes and added some new decks.
I don't make a list of the new cards because it's been a while and I don't remember all the new ones :)

Original summoning mechanics
  • Reverse-Xyz: similar to Xyz Monster but uses subtraction between the monster levels.
  • Reunion: Extra Deck monsters that are Special Summoned using monsters with a sum of Levels/Ranks/Links equal to its Level x2.
    usually use monsters from your field but there are some that can use monsters from the GY or opponent monsters.
    Originally this summon method belongs to Anuaks but they shared it with the other clans.
  • Ignition: Extra Deck monsters that use as material 1 monster from the field and 1 or more cards from the hand.
    This summon method is unique to Morhais, but they could teach it to others as well... (The backgroung of Inigtion monsters is changed from the previous version)
  • Over-Fusion: Main Deck monsters that can be special summoned using 1 Fusion monster
  • Echo: Main Deck monsters that replaces Over-Fusion. Uses 1 Extra Deck Monster as material that becomes equipped to the Echo Monster, the type of Extra Deck Monster depends on the Echo Monster (may be an Xyz, a Fusion, etc. ...)
  • Armor: Can be any type of cards. They have a ATK/DEF bonus and an additinal effect when used as armor. Attaching an armor target the monster and the armor go under the monster like Xyz materials, bacause of this they are incompatible with Xyz monsters, armor cards cannot be attached to Xyz monsters. An Xyz monster can be summoned with an Armor monster but it not gain any of its Armor effects.
  • Armorizing: Extra Deck monsters related with armor cards, they are summoned using 1 monster that has X or more armors, eg. 1 Dragon monsters with 3+ armors
    The minimum number of armors the material must have are also the number of 'Shield' stars in the monster level. (a monster with 2 Shields and 4 stars require 2+ armors, its' also considered as level 6). Armorizing monsters can be also Armor monsters.

Updated archetypes (with some rappresentative cards, archetypes has 15-30 cards each)
- External Worlds - power ** - type: combo
added new sub-archetype 'External Worlds Hero'
This archetype represents those who firht for the world's harmony after the world between Morhais and Anuaks.
This archetype is focusing on Synchro Summon, banish and recover cards from banished, effects that require to banish the monster until the end phase, so a lot of banish things. The archetype has all 6 attributes and has both Pendulum and non-Pendulum monsters.
- Undead - power **** - type: combo
They are zombie-like creatures that how the name suggests cannot die xd. They don’t respect any law and love to fight. They were created by the Morhais to have an immortal army.
It's an offensive combo deck that uses a lot the grave and summon powerfull Fusion monsters.
- Fluid - power *** - type: control-midrange
added new cards including a Link 1 (the deck needed to have 100% 'Fluid Decomposition' on turn 1 to play at the level of current decks, the link 1 fixes this)
Fluids are water creatures that can switch each other from the Deck or split into more smaller monsters. They are LV monsters such as the Armored Dragons. The deck uses Reunion Summon thanks to the alliance with Anuaks.
- Dark King - power ** - type: control-ritual
added new cards and ritual monsters
This archetype uses DARK attribute monsters and are focused on Ritual Summon strong monsters and gain card advantage. Monsters are divided into "Dark King" Ritual monsters and "Dark King Servant" monsters whose effects search for Ritual cards and all of them can be banished from the GY to pay the cost of a Ritual Summon.
- Hydra - power **** - type: combo
Hydras are Level 4 and 6 Reptile monsters that can easly perform multiple summon and go for Xyz _and Link monsters_. With MR 5 they don't need these useless links XD
Small Level 4 "Hydra" monsters if destroyed by the opponent can SP 2 "Hydra" (1 from and 1 from deck) like the Hydra of Lerna that for every head cut off, the Hydra would regrow two heads. Unfortunately this effect is too slow to use in the current meta.
The deck is a going first that can play vary well even against multiple hand traps, but having only monster based negations it loses to a 'Dark ruler no more ' or 'Forbidden Droplet'.
- Fire Core - power ** - type: combo
added new cards
Effects of monsters that can be activated from the grave no longer have to wait 1 turn to be activated.
Like other Fire decks, this archetype involved on destroy your own cards. Allied with the Anuaks in the war against the Morhai. In the Extra Deck they have both Synchros, Reunions and a Link.
- Anuak - power *** - type: combo
A very particular LIGHT and DARK deck that has both Spellcaster and Dragon monsters. At first the deck mainly used Reunion monsters, but now it can also count on Synchro and Fusion summon. The archetype also have Continuous S/T cards with a secondary effect when destroyed.
They are the origin and cause of the rebellion against the world ruled by the Morhais.
- Morhai - power *** - type: midrange-combo
added new cards and fixed some effects
The counterpart or the Anuaks, Morhais an archetype with effects that require to send Morhai cards to the grave. Their monsters are divided into 3 sub-archetypes:
Morhai Cultist: the searchers
Morhai Spawn: they can SP themselves from the hand/grave when a level 7+ Morhai is summoned
Morhai: level 7+ monsters that can be special summoned from hand/grave sending 2 'Morhai' cards to the grave
In the Extra Deck they have Links, Fusions and their unique Ignition monsters. Ignition are the peculiar summon of the Morhais, summoned from the Extra Deck using a material from the ground and 1 or more from the hand.
- Eagle Overseer - power ** - type: midrange-combo
Archetype of WIND Winged Beast monsters with effects related on returning cards from the field to the hand.
the deck with the most changes
the second effect of monsters now triggers when they return to hand and not when destroyed by the opponent
effects that require you to return a monster to your hand can now also return continuous spells
- Asura - power * - type: control
Changed when mon effects is activated, before its an ignition effect, now it activates when an 'Asura' monster is summoned
The archetype have a simple strategy, Normal summon big monsters and crash the opponent with them.
All of them can be Normal without tribute if you control no monsters and have an effect that can be activated if they are the only monster with that archetype. Overall it's not one of the strongest decks but it can be fun :)
It's Reunion summon is not related to Anuak, that's because they are prior to Anuaks and Morhais.
- Ancient Oracle - power ** - type: combo-mill
new cards including a Link 5 and some update of effects
the main deck boss now if you have no cards in the Main Deck prevent both players to draw/add cards locking the opponent and also you can't lose by drawing from an empty deck :)
Archetype that uses a strategy involved on self-milling like Lightsworns. The deck is also eavly related on it's own field spell 'Ancient Oracle', because all monsters need the field spell to activate their main effect, but with 13 cards that can search for it it's not that hard to have the field on the first turn.
New archetypes
- Geartron - power * - type: control
new archetype of EARTH Machine monsters based on tribute summon
- Felgrand - power * - type: control
3rd version of the Felgrand structure deck
- Divine Disciple - power ** - type: midrange
new archetype with small monsters and big level 12 monsters
- Gradius - power *** - type: going 2nd OTK
new archetype that consists in 2 cards (link 1 + field spell) that can Special Summon 3 Gradius/Victory Viper monsters from the deck and easily OTK
Other archetypes
- Superancient Deepsea Fish
The archetype consists in Fish monsters to support Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth.
No longer supported because Konami released better support for Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth. I don't know if it works correctly in the new version of ygopro.
- Normal Dragons Support
Not an archetype itself but consist in some Extra Deck monsters and Spell cards to support Dragon Normal Monsters, some are generic for all normal monsters and other more specific for dragons.
They have some Link monsters that permit to search/summon Normal monsters, and an OTK spell like Limiter Removal but for Normal Monsters, very effective if you control 3 BEWD XD.
It also have a new version of Future Fusion that Fusion Summon a Fusion non-Effect monster (e.g. BE Ultimate Dragon) using monster from the hand/deck but destroy it after 2 turns.
- Armor starter deck
Starter deck for Armor/Armorizing mechanics. It contains generic cards for Armor support. It is not very strong as I have tried to make the effects not too strong as they are generic for all Armor cards and it could cause problems next when I release new archetypes. (I'm currently working on 2 Armor decks, they stayed on hold for a while because I was more inspired by other decks. XD)
New series - Episode 1: Dark corruption

With this expansion I begin a new series of decks created not from a lore on an idea for a cool effect or interaction, as I tried to do with previous decks.
But these archetypes will be meant to be broken and be able to win against meta decks. The series will have 6 episodes, 1 episode for each attribute.
In each episode i'll try to make at least a combo deck, a going 2nd deck and a control deck. First episode is covering Dark atribute, the next will be Earth with a deck that uses Armor cards!

Dark Corruption new archetypes
- Erinyes - power ****
new mini-engine of 5 cards
They are Fiend monsters that can summon during opponent's turn an Xyz that can negate 3 effects.
PS: Nemesis is not an Erinyes in mythology, but I needed a 4th name for the Xyz
- D.D. Invader - power *****
going second archetype of hand trap monsters that abuse the banishing mechanic
has an anti-Dragoon version of Unchained Links (that don't target)
- Demon Rival - power *****
new archetype of DARK fiend monters that can play both starting 1st or 2nd
- Abyss Challenger - power ****
new control archetype based on banishing your cards face-down
Download link (zip ~350 MB)
It also includes sample decks for most of my archetypes.
Full download: 
No pics: 
Only new pics: 
strings.conf file: 
PS: check 'Alternate formats' under the Lv/Rank box to see custom cards in Edopro

yrpX replay files for some combos (old) 
Dowload the zip ad place the yrpX file in the ...\ProjectIgnis\replay, then you can see the replay from EDOPro
PS: Morhai uses Calamities but that was before the ban :(
Tips: With Fluid you cannot use the monster summoned with the Link 2's effect, so use it for Reunion summon.
Hydra 2nd combo keep 'Rock Hydra' attached as material to your Xyz, it give a negate to targetting Traps (like Infinite Impermanence)

When EDOPro updates the names of the archetypes may be overwritten, if you have ??? in the archetype you should add these at the end of the string.conf file in your ...\ProjectIgnis\config folder
#Secuter System Strings
!system 600 Select a card to use as Reunion Material
!system 601 Select a card to use as Ignition Material
!system 602 Select a card to use as Armorizing Material
!system 603 Select the armor to detach
!system 604 Select a monster to detach armor
!system 605 Select a monster to attach armor
!system 606 Select an Armor Card to attach as armor
!system 607 Exchange Summon a monster from your hand
#Secuter Actions
!system 1180 Reverse Xyz Summon
!system 1181 Reunion Summon
!system 1182 Ignition Summon
!system 1183 Attach as armor
!system 1184 Armorizing Summon
!system 1185 Return to hand
!system 1186 Echo Summon
#Secuter Counters
!counter 0x300 Counter (External Worlds Ruins)
!counter 0x301 Fluid Counter
!counter 0x302 Fire Counter
!counter 0x303 Oracle Counter
!counter 0x304 Armor Counter
!counter 0x1305 Hailshift Counter
#Secuter Archetypes
!setname 0x201 External Worlds
!setname 0x1201 External Worlds Lord
!setname 0x2201 External Worlds Hero
!setname 0x202 Undead
!setname 0x1202 Undead Master
#!setname 0x203 Fallen World -> merged with Undead
!setname 0x204 Fluid
!setname 0x1204 Air-Fluid
!setname 0x2204 Solid-Fluid
!setname 0x3204 Fluidsphere
!setname 0x205 Dark King
!setname 0x1205 Dark King Servant
!setname 0x206 Hydra
!setname 0x207 Fire Core
!setname 0x1207 Fire Core Magic
!setname 0x208 Anuak
!setname 0x1208 Anuak Dragon
!setname 0x209 Morhai
!setname 0x1209 Morhai Cultist
!setname 0x2209 Morhai Spawn
!setname 0x210 Eagle Overseer
!setname 0x211 Ancient Oracle
!setname 0x212 Geartron
!setname 0x1212 Elite Geartron
!setname 0x213 Divine Disciple
!setname 0x1213 Dark Divine Disciple
!setname 0x214 Erinyes
!setname 0x215 D.D. Invader
!setname 0x216 Demon Rival
!setname 0x217 Abyss Challenger
!setname 0x218 Asura
!setname 0x219 Armorizing Dragon
!setname 0x21A Bulwark Champion
!setname 0x21B Machine Force
!setname 0x21C Savage Beast
!setname 0x21D Rascal Ace
!setname 0x21E Primineral TODO
!setname 0x21F Yoccol
!setname 0x220 Wyrmwind
!setname 0x221 Eternal Storm
!setname 0x222 Magic Tower
!setname 0x1222 Magic Tower Sphere
!setname 0x223 Exchange Daemon
!setname 0x224 Hailshift
!setname 0x225 Abysmal
!setname 0x226 Pyroclast
!setname 0x227 Ember Worm
!setname 0x228 Blaze Dragonlady
!setname 0x229 Fog Dragon
!setname 0x22A Soulbound
!setname 0x22B Crearmor
!setname 0x22C Irradiance
!setname 0x22D Pelagic
!setname 0x22E Aquaraid
!setname 0x22F Amorphiend
!setname 0x230 Dark Sovereign
!setname 0x231 Freeflame

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Check out my custom cards project! 
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Episode 2: Earth Awakening
Hi everyone, this expansion covers 4 new Earth decks with different strategies, a new that uses Xyz machine monsters, an OTK going second deck with Beast monsters, a deck with psychic and machine monsters based Ignition Summon and the first competitive deck with Armor cards. It also includes updates to proc_armor, proc_ignition e proc_reunion.
There will also be some new cards for Anuak, Fire Core, Undead and Eagle Overseer.

Updated decks
- Anuak
2 new main deck monsters that increase deck consistency and some Extra Deck monsters to power up the Reunion strategy inluding a monster that can negate a Summon from the Extra deck, banish the monster and then special summon it on your field during the end.
- Fire Core
A new going second monster
- Undead
Thanks to the power shared by the Morhais the Undeads have obtained 2 powerful Ignition Monsters, 1 that generates a token and 1 adds a zombie monster from the Deck.
- Eagle Overseer
Eagle Overseers have betrayed the External Worlds alliance to gain more power, and now part of the Morhais' cause gaining 2 Ignition monsters. The Ignition mechanic is also synergic with the Eagle Overseer strategy because after 1-2 turns you have many cards in hand that can be used for an Ingnition Summon. They also have 1 new main deck monster and a Tenki-like spell for Winged beasts.

Earth Awakening archetypes
- Machine Force - power ***** - type:midrange-combo
A machine deck that can summon all the existing Machine Xyz monsters. This deck strategy is to fill the grave with machine monsters and then summon their rank 4 Xyz that can search for any archetype spell/trap including their new rank-up spell like 'Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Force' that can rank-up by any number of ranks a machine xyz monster.
The deck can summon consistently 2 cyber dragon infinity starting 1st or 1 Liebe if starting 2nd.
- Savage Beast - power *** - type: going 2nd OTK
A new going 2nd deck that uses Beast monster with many resources to break boards and OTK. The deck can use more OTK strategies
The deck has ways modes to OTK, attacking with many beast monsters, or using its link 5 or a main deck monster that each time it destroys a monster by battle it gains 3000 attack, an additional attack and switch player control. When it's under the opponent's board attacking it with a monster we can regain control of it and it has now have 9000 atk.
We have also a monster that can Special summon itself by tributing an opponent's spell/trap removing any floodgate.
- Bulwark Champion - power **** - type: combo
The first Armor deck is a combo deck that use Warrior effect monsters and Armor normal monsters with a powerful Armor effect. Their spells/traps have 2 effects, 1 when activated as spell/card and 1 when attached as Armor. The boss monster is an Armorizing monster that can attach 5 armors from the GY when summoned, and with an archetype card that summon all the Armor attached to it and use them to summon a Link 4 monster.
With the update of Armor mechanichs i have added in the name of the monster that provides the Armor effect in the description that appears in window for chose the activated effect, so i know wich effect i activate when the monster has its own effect plus 4-5 Armor effect. Eg. '♦ Card name: Effect'
This deck came with an anti-armor hand trap that can negate an Armor effect and steals 1 armor from the monster. Armor effects is any activated effects present on the upper part of an Armor card (the same area as pendulums). These effects can be negated also by negated the effect of the monster the armor is attached to, eg. with Impermanence or Skill drain. The only part of the Armor that cannot be negated is the atk/def gain, so a monster with 1 armor that gives 500 atk mantains this 500 atk also under Skill Drain.
- Rascal Ace - power ***** - type: midrange
The 3 main deck psychic monsters are also hand traps that by discarding 1 other card can Special summon themselves and respectively destroy 1 monster, destroy 1 spell/trap, banish 1 card from the gy. They also have a search effect when summoned, but not in the same turn of the hand trap effect. These 3 monsters each have an Ignition version that can negate respectively monster effects, spells and traps or make your opponent discard 1 card. These Ignition monsters can be summoned during opponent's turn with the field spell.
An ideal situation is if on turn 1 (the opponent starts 1st) to activate the hand trap effect you can discard the trap 'Rascal Ace Distortion', in chain you can banish the trap from the gy to activate the Field spell from the deck, so that it's already on the field when the hand trap effect resolves and the monster is Special summoned, then you can activate the field spell effect that Ignition summon and have an additional negate on board during opponent's turn.
The deck is completed by archetype machine monsters that allow you to search/destroy cards when sent to the gy or banished to activate 'Rascal Ace' card effects, and archetype spells/traps that all have a second effect banishing itselves from the grave.
With the deck we have also the Ignition version of 'Fusion Deployement' because the 3 Ignition monsters require a specific monster from the field as material.

Full download: 
No pics: 
Only new pics: 
strings.conf file: 
PS: check 'Alternate formats' under the Lv/Rank box to see custom cards in Edopro
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Episode 3 : Wind & Water

Wind Decks
An archetype of Wyrm monsters that can summon Rank 3 and 4 Xyzs. Its rank xyzs can take 1 monster from the deck to themselves as xyz material if they has no material.
It also has a field spell that make your Xyz monster in the Extra Monster Zone unaffected by opponent's card effects.
- Wyrmwind

- Yoccol
An alien archetype of level 4 monsters that use multiple type of summon, fusion synchro ecc... that all have in common being level/rank 4

- Eternal Storm
They are Wind Thunder monsters that can special summon themselves from the hand if the opponent controls more monsters than you do.
Can swarm the field easily but limit you in special summoning only Wind monsters, so the only generic link it can use is Apollousa.

Water Decks
- Abysmal
A combo deck that use Sea Serpent monsters to perform Synchro summon
It has new "Umi" field spell and cards that gain an additional effect if "Umi" in on the field

- Magic Tower
Archetype of Spellcaster monsters that can send spells, traps or other spellcaster monsters directly from the deck to the grave to activate their effects.
It has an archetype fusion quick spell that can fusion summon any Spellcaster Fusion monster,
so if the deck includes some Shaddoll monsters you can summon Elshaddoll Winda or else a Quintet Magician to act as a Raigeki during the opponent's turn

- Hailshift
The third water deck introduces a new mechanich that are Exchange monsters.
They are similar to Spirit monsters that return to the hand during the end phase, but a Exchange monster can also "Exchange Summon" 1 other Exchange monster from the hand when it returns to the hand this way. Exchange monsters often have effects that activate when they are Exchange Summoned. Also the mandatory 'return to the hand' of Exchange Monsters activates doesn't activate during the turn they are Special Summoned, so they return to the hand during the same turn if they were Normal Summoner or flipped face-up, but if they were Special Summoned they return to the hand during the next end phase.
This deck can also use a new draw card, not restricted to the archetype but to decks that use neither Extra deck nor Tribute summon

- Exchange Daemon
Another generic archetype of Exchange monsters intended to be used with other Exchange themes.

Full download: 
No pics: 
Only new pics: 
strings.conf file: 
PS: check 'Alternate formats' under the Lv/Rank box to se custom cards in Edopro

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Hi, i fell in love with these cards but i have 2 questions:
1) Can you share a clean version of the templates? (No text)
2) the "Echo" Monsters Supposed to going on the Main deck?
3) How works the "Runic Effect"?
And a little observation:
"Silent Feathered Dragon" has the description: "2+ Monsters", when the image has: "2+ Monsters whose total levels/Ranks/links 20." (I don't know if it "link" or "rating")
Keep the nice work, i'll wait for updates πŸ™‚
1. Yes of course I can send them to you with a PM.
2. Yes, Echo monsters are in the main deck.
3. Runic effects work the same way Traptrix Rafflesia does with 'Hole' trap cards.
The difference is that Rafflesia copies the same effect applied when i activate the trap card, while Runic spell/trap cards has 2 effects, the card effect that is applied when the card is activated, and the Runic effect that can be copied by Runic monsters.
4. Yeah i know, I removed the 'whose total levels/Ranks/Links X' from the text of Reunion monsters because it wasn't clear enough how summoning worked and to make it clearer the text would have become too long.
I must have forgotten to update the card image when I changed the text XD, I think it's not the only one when i do grammar fixes/text layout changes sometimes i forgot to update the image and I found later that they are different.
Thanks, I'll fix it in the next update

Ps: I see now that the last times I added cards I have not updated the post, so now there are many more cards in the zip file than in the post, like Echo and Runic cards :)
I'll update the post in the next days
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Episode 4 : Fire & Light

● Echo Monsters
New summoning mechanics that replaces Over-Fusion.
Echo monsters are in the Main Deck that can be Echo Summoned from the hand using 1 Extra Deck monster as material, that monster becomes equipped to the Echo Monster.
The type of Extra Deck monster are listed on the card, may be for example 1 DARK Xyz Monster / 1 Warrior Synchro Monster / 1 "Abcd" Reunion Monster / etc. ...
The 2 existing Over-Fusion monsters have been changed to Echo Monsters, updating their effects. I also created 2 new Echo monsters, 1 for Undead and 1 for Hydra.

Fire Decks
- Pyroclast - power **** - type: combo
An archetype of FIRE Pyro monsters heavily focused on Fusion Summonning, most of them also have 200 Defense so Rekindling can be used.
Pyroclast monsters has an effect that is triggered when used as fusion material from anywhere, so just being able to solve 1 Fusion Summon to start the deck's combos.
It also has a Field Spell that prevent your opponent to use your monsters as Fusion material, so no 'Super Polymerization' here.

- Ember Worm - power *** - type: going 2nd
Archetype of Insect monsters that when destroyed by card effect, they can Special Summon Insect Tokens on both side of the field.
They has a continuous trap that can prevent the opponent to activate monster effects on the field while they control a Insect monster.
The deck is better in going 2nd because it only need 3 tokens on the opponent's field to OTK them with "Ember Worm Annhilator" that inflicts piercing damage and can attack all insect monsters.
The problem of the deck is that while it's good against non-Insect decks, agains an Insect type Deck giving them Insect Token is only a drawback and also your floodgate is useless.
In the mirror match it's even worse, summoning an insect monster exposes you to a probable OTK and all of your archetype's interruptions are irrelevant.

- Blaze Dragonlady - power * - type: mid-range
A Deck of FIRE Dragons that play mostly during the Battle Phase where even their searcher spell is a Quick Spell.
However, the deck is not very incisive in breaking a full board, and remains a bit below the meta decks and the other archetypes of the project.
I left it here anyway because it uses an innovative strategy.
The cards of this archetype have effects that activates when a monster battles or when you destroy a monster by battle, it also has quick effects that can be activated during the battle phase like a monsters that can discard itself from the hand to destroy 1 monsters.
A good addition to the deck is "Alpha, the Master of Beasts" which not only can remove a threat from the field but can also Special Summon itself a second time to destroy an opposing monster in battle and trigger the effects of the Dragonladys.
The best build of the deck is a going first running the archetype Trap Card that allows him to search for 3 monsters at the beginning of the battle phase (and maybe put a 3x Trap Trick).

Light Decks
- Crearmor - power ** - type: combo
A deck of LIGHT monsters that uses Armor cards and Armorizing Summon, the second one after "Bullwark Champions".
It uses Armor monsters also from other Summoning mechanics, like Armor Xyz monster, Armor Synchro, etc. ...
The deck has a good consistency and resistence to interruptions, but at the same time it has hard time putting multiple interruptions on the field, except with a perfect hand.
It also can hardly recover after a board clean because even if it has some monsters capable of recycling resourses, it's not enough to restart with card costly Armorizing plays.

- Fog Dragon - power *** - type: engine
An engine for going 1st LIGHT Decks, that from 1 card can bring on the board 3 "Fog Dragons", a Level 5 monster that can only be used as Xyz Material.
The archetype has it's own Rank 5 monster "Ark Fog Dragon" that is like a "Constellar Pleiades" + "Chronomaly Vimana", but i found later that the best play with 3 Level 5 monsters is "Number 67: Pair-a-Dice Smasher" that in 96% cases can lock out monsters your opponent for your and their turn. (In the other 4% you are the one locked and likely you lose the Duel, but i think a 96% is a good enough chance to play the engine in a Deck can afford it.)

- Soulbound - power **** - type: control
A control archetype of LIGHT Fairy monsters that plays on the opponent's plays.
The deck has 3 'small' (level 4 or less) monsters that after your opponent activates the effect of a spell, trap, or monster card, can Special Summon both itself and 1 bigger "Soulbound" monsters from your Deck.
The 'big' targets are the 3 monsters that can negate 1 spell, trap or monster effect by Tributing 1 monster, or the searcher.
Small monsters has also an effect when they are used to pay the cost of a Fairy monster like big "Soulbound" monsters of various "Herald of the X Light" handtraps.
The deck has a good grind game and an Ignition Monster that can help to close duels earlier.

- Irradiance - power **** - type: combo
Archetype of LIGHT monsters of differents monster types with effects related to having multiple monsters with the same name on the field and/or in the grave.
The deck also has the particularity of having searches that excavate the top cards of the deck, less strong than looking for a card of your choice but is compensated with less OPT clauses.
Because the Deck need multiple search effects to get to the card you need, it would be very weak to "Droll & Lock Bird", so I gave it a card that allows him to negate it, "Irradiance Nova" that can negate the effect of a monster that is level/rank/link-rating 1 monster by declaring its name, like "Crossout Designator" but with a restricted range of monsters.

● Extra Pack 2
This includes some new handtraps and tech cards, including 1 anti "Lord of the Heavenly Prison" handtrap that prevent to Set more than 1 Spell/Trap per turn, a De-Fusion/Synchro spell for Reunion Monsters and some generic Link-2 monsters that support different summoning mechanics.

- Pelagic - power *** - type: engine
Mini engine of 3 cards for WATER decks that can Special Summon 2 monsters on the field from 1 card, but lock you on WATER monsters. One of them is also a Level 3 Sea Serpent monster that can be Special Summoned with "Deep Sea Diva".
This was made shortly before the release of "Abyss Shark" in OCG, with "Abyss Shark" and this engine you can Special Summon 3 monsters from 1 card.

- Aquaraid - power ** - type: combo
This Deck was made with the idea of using some good cards that are now at 3 but unused in meta like "Pot of Avarice", "Salvage" or "Moray of Greed".
So I need a deck that uses a lot of monsters and can fill easily the grave to get these cards active, but without being too broken, send 5 Effect Monsters may be to much but 5 Normal Monster that do nothing in the grave may be OK.
The final Deck is an archetype of WATER monsters with effects related on Normal Monsters, with their Links and Traps, and to boost consistency a Link-2 with an Isolde-like effect but with normal monsters instead of equip spells.

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PS: check 'Alternate formats' under the Lv/Rank box to see custom cards in Edopro
Check out my custom cards project! 
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