I have some feedback to give you all regarding the new cyber dragon cards on this recent update....

Cyber Rapair PLant work as long as i gave a cyber dragon on the graveyard. This includes Cyber Dragon Drei and Core.

Cyber Network its the same for either monsters.

Cyber Dragon Drei and Core can fusion each other to summon cyber twin dragon.

Now the issue is here. King of the Swamp and The Light- Hex Seales Fusion canno be used as a subtitute of polymerization when u want to fusion either core or Drei with it...
But it does works with the original Cyber Dragon

By logic.. if Core and Drei work with Cyber Network therefore the are ¨cyber dragons´

Is this a technical issue or is there a ruling i dont see

Sorry for the inconvenience and Thank you
The effect is working as it should in the Usa/Eu servers. Are you having this issue still in the Linux server?
Cyber Twin Dragon can only be fusion summoned with 2 "Cyber dragon" as its fusion materials, so King of the Swamp and The Light- Hex Seals shouldn't work even with the original Cyber Dragon. Since Drei and Core's name become Cyber Dragon when they're on the field and in Graveyard, you can fuse them but not when they're in your hand.

You can, however, use The Light- Hex Seals's effect that tribute itself with a cyber dragon to Special Summon Cyber twin without using polymerization-like cards.

The same goes for Cyber End Dragon.