I installed the latest version of the game and wait for more than 30 minutes = Both Banlist and Card Images doesn't load.

This is the very first time I experienced something like this. This didn't happen in the previous version.

Any feedback? Thanks for replying. 🙂
1) Close the game, then delete the repositories folder inside your game's folder (for example on Windows by default you can find the game's folder in This PC > (C:) > ProjectIgnis). After that, open the game, click on the Repositories tab on the top left of the main menu, and wait until everything is at 100%. If it says there's an SSL error then proceed to step 2) below, if there's any other error or it gets stuck then repeat this step.
2) There is an issue with SSL certificates, follow these steps:
- Download an external SSL certificate file here:
- Close the game.
- Place the cacert.pem file inside your ProjectIgnis folder.
- Open the game, then drag and drop the cacert.pem file onto the EDOPro window (the game window itself).
- Restart the game
It works now. Thanks, Steel.