The time limit really does need to be increased, i've been nailed by that thing so many times, it doesn't give you enough time to think when running a new deck, its so agitating, like just recently I was running Harpies and it was my end phase after that one card that lets you add a ton of harpies was sent to the graveyard, so i took like 2 - 3 seconds each harpy i chose because I was thinking about the combos i could run, then all of a sudden boom it said I lost, I was so angry, increase the time limit from 60 seconds back to 180 seconds, 60 seconds a turn is just blatantly unfair.
The time limit in the Usa/Eu servers is 180.

The time limit in the Linux server is 60 but it refills a portion after each action so you should not have any issues unless you are spending a long portion of the time reading your cards.
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