The card "Will of the Monarchs" works only for 1 turn but the card lore goes like this:

If you have no monsters in your Extra Deck: Target 1 face-up Tribute Summoned monster you control; its effects are negated, but it is unaffected by other card effects.

Shouldn't it be permanent for as long as the monster stays face-up on the field since it doesn't say "until the End Phase" ? I activated "Will of the Monarchs" during my opponents turn and during my next turn i used Dark Hole and my monster died too also i noticed that during the end phase its "effect" is not negated anymore so it must be a bug.

EDIT:The card never worked like it must and i replicated the bug multiple times.

This card should work perfectly in the Usa/Eu servers and if you want to use it offline you need to download the script.
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