Kidd D
As you can very well see, I like Emperors or as commonly known "Monarchs". Does anybody besides me use dif variation Decks of Monarchs? Also knowledge on the release of new cards would be good also.
they work together with frogs, and starting to gain more supports heres a deck, improve it as you wish. works great and its very difficult to go wrong with a momarch frog deck except the part when you have a dead hand, oh and to maximize their power cannot use extra deck. this is not one of my signature decks it'll do the job
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Kidd D
Ok Thanks! Although i'm more comfortable with a March of the Monarchs deck, I have yet to make a good frog deck.
can't run monarchs without using frogs as supportive engine. recycles the frogs to be used again as they are in the graveyard. frogs are the only reason why monarchs are still alive without frogs ANY deck can run circles around monarchs even the current generic starter decks out of the box while clumsily trying to get a single monarch out with just old-stlye methods.
Kidd D
I can't say I agree here, I actually won more matches without the use of frognarch and when I look at the deck you have given me, its no different from the usual Frog deck I made or I was told to make really. I also noticed there is a few Monarchs support cards in this deck and that can cripple it; seeing as it needs Treeborn frog more than anything, and Ronin toadin won't cut it all the time, but I see its kinda a "follow up" for Sea Lancer. There is even a Obelisk; which is good these days.

Now here is where my Prob lies with the Frogs in general. It lacks traps, and to be honest I cant work a deck that doesn't have some Kind of traps. The frog engine in general just doesn't fit the Image for any monarch for this matter. And what I don't like is how the deck can be shut down via people having more than 1 monster that exceed 2400 on the battle field and that can be dangerous for the frognarch deck because it usually lacks something that can raise power (Like Orichalcos). Sure there are cards like enemy controller but that all depends on how many cards are on you're side in the first place. Synchro and xyz monsters can be very bad.

I have made a few decks, but they're in progress and I have one that shows potential promise. I call this first deck "Hamonarch", it utilizes Continues Spells like, Messenger of Peace, Swords of revealing light and the continues monarch support cards; all which allow me to use Hamon to seriously cripple the life points of my opponent. Its an Annoying deck really and it all relies on if anybody has the cards to destroy the Spell cards; also dif dimension and Gold Sarcophagus (i think) is all there for Hamon. It can be shut down but I'm missing cards that can stop this.

The deck I usually duel with is Charging Emperor. Here me out here! The deck uses cards like Charging Emperor (March of the M) and Return of the Emperor (Return of the M) to grant me invulnerability to your basic spell and traps, while also granting me access to other Emperors. I know you're thinking " almost everyone uses those cards", but they are not usually protected. I have Dark Bribe which Allows me to protect these cards while both boosting the Power with Mage power to give the monarchs a near Divine Beast lie power (Obelisk in this case). Once I have a few copys of dark bribe, March of the Monarchs and Mage power, the battle is already mine to the people who dont have Cards that can put your attack past 4000; and this can be specifically bad when I pull out cards like Granmarg the Mega Monarch or Mobius the Mega Monarch.

This deck aint the best, but I've beaten even that of frognarchs that relies on using cards like Soul Exchange and Enemy controller for they are cards that an be shut down by March of the monarchs and summoning a Monarch to get rid of that card will be troublesome with cards to protect so said card. Intercept and Order of the Emperor can be good when you put them in the right deck
they would still make it even without frogs, there is t.g. striker, battle fader, cyber dragon and photon thrasher. not to mention soul exchange but that would prevent attacking on the first turn. but the monsters i just named can be a great replacement if frogs would ever get hit again, which i doubt they will. black garden is another one you could use or even stray lambs.
Another guy do a post about elements, and its related to the monarch/emperor so check it ;D 
rob, funny thing = it's the same guy 😉
My Youtube Channel Red-Eyes Jacollo  (new video every week)
reason why i said use frogs is simply because they can be reused again, again, and again even without a hand, clear field and top deck a monarch. i understand you want to maintain the monarch image, any cards added to the deck like level eater, tripple trion, advanced devoter old fashioned methods cost valuable time to set up

using swords of revealing (or concealing) and messenger of peace adds weak links to the deck but not a bad idea if running hamond [:thumbu:]. there is not really a way to protect them except

as for dandy lion, marshmallon, spirit reaper, battlefader, for monarch decks those are one-trick ponies that don't comeback pretty much screwed if you top deck, fader is the only one i would use.

biggest and most fatal weakness is the reliance of tribute summoning concept in today's meta standards itself absolutely no guarantee either card be alive next turn if you did not trip any traps same turn you tribute summoned it. either of those things happening is fatal doing it old fashioned way

only thing i would suggest is taking out 1-3 of spells or lancers that are in the sent deck and replace them with what you see fit.

i use frogs for monarchs simply because i don't trust the idea of simply using too many cards can easily be thrown away and stays in the graveyard and cannot be used again

adding token cards is not a bad idea either

[:confu:] i can't find anything wrong with frognarch besides the COMMON weakness of using monarch deck and frogs not suiting really suit the image of monarchs (that i understand) hard to argue if it actually works.

all i can say is wait for more supports and see what konami comes up with, normally they make alot of new gimmicks and surprises when reviving and polishing old decks
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