Al mode got worse with the 1.032.1 V2 and V3 version for Windows. It has never been great, yeah, but now it's completely useless! The Burning knuckle and the Constellar decks were the first "competitive" decks for Al mode..it made the usual mistakes (like use book of moon, forbidden lance ecc.. on his own monsters), but now (like never before) it use also MST on his cards (always), it summon effect veiler in attack position, it summon cyber dragon always in defens position even if it can beat the opponent's monter, it summon the XYZ monsters in order of position in the extra deck (or something like that); before, constellar monsters summoned his best XYZ immediately by changing their own levels, and now they change their levels foolishly, without any sense, to summon his worst XYZ, or worse they level up and down the same monster to do nothing! It was not so bad before! There are these and other changes that make Al mode useless!
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