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What do you think about the new cyber cards?

With Cyber Dragon Core and Machine Duplication you can special summon two other Cyber Dragons from your deck.
Also by using Instant Fusion you can special summon lv5 fusion monsters and then use them as xyz material for Cyber Dragon Nova. A good deck can be made out of these cards. What do you think?

Actually, the card I really like coming with that is the cybernetic fusion support. Combine that with powerbond and you can fuse your entire graveyard for a really powerful overdragon. Also, you can run it with fusion gate to summon it without a powerbond. Just by running fusion gate you can run the malefic cyber end dragon.

Ive made like 3 different decks coming with these new cyber cards. It is going to be intense when the structure deck comes out.

If you MST my MST, I will MST your MST back!
But...MST Negates?
...fine you win.

Banish Core for Cyber Dragon -> Normal Drei -> Make Nova -> Nova effect Special Core -> Machine Dupe -> Summon Two Cyber Dragons -> Make Nova

Also Do not forget you can use power bond and all machines in hand and/or field for chimeratech