Here are two bugs I've found while playing Percy's version. [:wall:]  (2-in-1) [:thumdn:] [:thumdn:]

1. Transmodify's official card text states "Send 1 face-up..."
A gigantic bug that has not been fixed since its release. Very disappointing. [:sad:]

2. Dark Spiral Force has a grammatical error. The "it's" should be replaced with "its", since it's referring to possession, not the omission of letters.
A minor bug but still also very disappointing, since it's a grammatical error. [:sad:] [:sad:]

Please fix these bugs so that my fans and I can enjoy Percy's mod without arguments and frustration.

Thank you in advance.

About me: I usually prefer DevPro, but some of my fans flooded my inbox, begging me to play with them with Percy's anime cards. [:confu:]

Kind regards,

[:dance:] ~AznEyesWhiteDragon~[:dance:]
Erm nice to meet you whoever you are?

Anyway both of these are just small text errors, both cards works as they should. This will still be noted and changed to avoid any confusion.

If you encounter any issue with the cards in a game sense then please follow the link in my signature that shows you the best format so we can fix it.
Go back to DEVpro then hmmmmmmm hmmmmmm
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Originally Posted by: Smilly 

Go back to DEVpro then hmmmmmmm hmmmmmm

@Smiley (from Latveria)

Hello, Smiley, from Latveria. [:smile:] Thank you for the suggestion. [:clap:]

Mind you, your input will be taken into consideration, however, I did mention that my fans flooded my inbox, about playing with Percy's anime cards, did I not? Just checking... [:lol:]

Also, this is the place to report problems about the game, more specifically, Percy's mod, is it not? Just checking...[:lol:] [:lol:]

About me: Personally, I prefer DevPro because it gets all the cool, new cards super-fast! [:w00t:]
Big reason, seeing as I like to experiment with the new cards and come up with cool OTKs. Just check out my channel; I've got many examples of innovative One Turn Kills. [:cool:]

I suggest reading a post from start to finish, for the future.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

[:dance:] ~AznEyesWhiteDragon~[:dance:]