Kibou Ou hope
If I use that card into a monster that can be tributed, its effects resolves? I try to do in ygopro and the effect is negated after being send to the graveyard.
Ruling: The Special Summoned monster has its ATK and DEF 0 and its effects negated as long as it remains face-up on the field.
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Which card are you trying to use this on?

A replay would be very useful so we can see what the issue is.
Kibou Ou hope
I try to use on madolche angelly
Madolche Angelly, and also Exiled Force both Activate and Resolve on the Field. So they will both be able to Activate their Effects but the Effects will be Negated.

That ruling you posted means that cards like Sangan are unaffected by it as they Activate and Resolve in the Graveyard.