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Hey all.First heppy new year to all of you.The thing is i just started to add bigger pictures for all cards and i must say duels now looks a lot better then before.My problem is:this takes a lot of time and so far i added only 800-850 new pictures.So i want to asc if someone wants to help me with this.More people=better.It takes aaround 3-4 hours to download and add 200 pictures to ygopro so if we can get more people in to this we can do this in 1-2 days.Resolution of new pictures is 320x440 and o must say is worthy of that time since all pictures are much sharper that you can read text on the cards.So i think if we split job in between 10 of us we can do this in 2 days and if we work harder even in one day.If you want to help please post here and i will explain how we will do this.Thanks
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