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Hi guys! I'm making this post to show you my new Zombie deck and to have some suggestions to how I can improve it.

Here's the Deck:

Deck Recipe 

If you don't know, the first Synchro in the Extra Deck is "Beelze, King of Dark Dragons". I always combo him with Scrap Dragon.

Let me what you think, and please give me suggestions if you can!

EDIT: I made some little modifiers to the Deck.
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Not bad, but isn't there anything like Monster reborn?
Krebons makes a good place in every deck, maybe if you put another copy, that would be great! 🙂
In a Zombie World deck I would use Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon and Doomkeiser Dragon. FTON, Monster Reborn is banned.
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I think that this tele-engine with only 2 or 3 targets ( krebons ) can led to dead draws. The same with polymerization ( miracle synchro fusion is a better) option. Only 1 target for the spell reinforcement of army is bad ( i suppose you usually don't want malicious at hand).

No point in using zombie world if you are not running Red-eyes zombie dragon, doomkaiser, nor paladin of the cursed dragon. Instead of it you could add D.D.R spell.

Better than a krebons engine could be a mystic tomato or even better the combo armageddon knight - plaguespreader/malicious and xyz lavalval - plaguespreader/malicious.

Pot of duplicity (=pot of greed + recycling extra deck) > Pot of duality if you take out zombie world from your deck and do a lot of synchros/xyz summon. It also allows you to use morphing jar and/or Maxx C to draw more cards and tragoedia to prevent OTK. (Different types of monsters = better chances to use pot of duplicity)

Consider Tour guide XYZ summoning = it thins your deck and it provides you xyz material for leviair ( specially useful in this kind of deck) or zenmaines.
Where's Red Nova Dragon..?
this kind of deck can easily bring him out in 1 turn..
i prefer Dragon's Mirror than Polymerization..
since you run Zombie World, its easy to summon Dragonecro with Grave full of 'fake' zombie..
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Sorry for the Necro posting, but I couldn't log in the forums for a lot of time.

So, Explanations.

I run only 2 Psychic tuners (2x Krebons) because 3 of them would be dead draws, I tested it a lot of times. I noticed that if I run Field spells, Ancient Fairy dragon should be a must, so I'd add 1 Psychic Commander (lv 3 Tuner) to have access to both this and Black Rose Dragon. So, -1 Pyramid Turtle, +1 Psychic Commander.

I don't run Red-eyes zombie dragon because he has only 2400 atk, it needs Zombie World to work and it's so slow, vulnerable to the battle traps, ecc.=Dead draw.

Polymerization instead of Dragon Mirror: It's a discutible choice, but I realized that when I needed Polymerization, I had Dragon's mirror, and viceversa. Only 1 copy of Polymerization/Dragon's Mirror is very unconsistent, so I decided to test 2 Polymerization. I'd run 1 Poly and 2 Dragon's mirror, -1 Dimensional Prison.

At this point, 1 Dimensional prison would be another unconsistent choice, so I'd add 1 Armageddon Knight instead of the 1 Dimensional prison.

I run Zombie World because with that I can summon EVERY monster in my grave with Mezuki.

Red Nova Dragon? I never considered it, I should test him. So I'd add Red Dragon Archfiend and Red Nova instead of Jeweled and 1 Lavalval Chain.

Other choices like Tour Guide, ecc. are very great choices, but they can't find a place in this deck because of the20 Monsters that are ALL very important.
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