Hello fellow players.

Im fairly new here, so i apologize for any inconvenience by any mistakes i made on posting here.

I like to save my replays quite often to review them, and figure out how to perfect my playstyle and combos of the decks im playing. Quite recently however, some replays that i save simply dont show up in the replay section, even though the file itself exists and isnt empty.

I have uploaded a screenshot as a prove that the file in fact exists and simply isnt showing in YGO PRO.
I have highlighted the missing file.


Also i uploaded the replay file itself if u want to confirm that it in fact isnt empty.

Im wondering if there is a fix for this, since it is bothering me quite a lot. I use YGO PRO over Dueling Network primarily because of this function.

Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you for your help, and have a nice day.
File Attachment(s):
Hieratics Vs Dark Worlds (good One, he topdecks very often).yrp (1kb) downloaded 44 time(s).

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I might be remembering this wrong, but it might be the fact that you saved the replay with a comma in the file name.
I can't remember if it was ygo pro that was picky with certain symbols or if I am thinking about something else.
It should be fairly easy to test out.
I renamed the replay, and also tried saving one only with letters and spaces, yet it seems to be random which ygo pro recongnizes and which not.
So the commas dont seem to be the problem.

Thank you for your help anyways.
its not a valid .yrp file..thts why it won't show along with others
Can i prevent this sort of error? I mean, is there any chance to prevent the replay to not saving properly?

And just for curiousity, why doesnt YGO PRO save the replay properly?
every ygopro version uses same format for replay files, and every replay should be able to be opened by version replay has been made..but ur file got somehow corrupted..i was lookin into it, and saw its all messed up..
I noticed that the replay is in devpro folder. Maybe that why you cant see the replay. This is not devpro ygopro forum, this is ygopro percy.

http://www.ygopro.co/Download.aspx  uninstall devpro and download this link