Hello guys [:blush:] i Made a yugioh anime cards collection nearly 99.5% of cards are anime cards... and the big surprise is that more than 4000 of them are in HD high quality[:dance:] and the rest of them are in a very good quailty too ( not like the old 4kidz anime cards that realesed at first ) . the resolution of the cards is [361x523]

- (to be honest i didn't made them all of course ..... i downloaded some of them from different sites ...and used OUTLAW CARD MANGER to make some of them [:smile:] and I hope u all like it [:laugh:] )

- this Collection Contains Some HD and non HD Anime Cards of the latest updates V3 and V4 (some of both these updates aren't made in Anime style yet [:sad:] but i will make them later and upload them [:tongue:]

Here is the link to download : 

[BTW this is my first post here ! I really hope everyone likes The HD Anime Cards Collection[:roll:] ]
PICS dionedosSouza Font:  (Y)

5000 pics em HD
2014-01-21T19:01:38Z  i downloaded 2400 HD pic from it and i made alot of others in HD ... and others made with Outlaw Manger....
yes, because I'm the owner of the blog and to completing a pacht that already has 5000 in high quality, and its not in HD.
Ew, these are not HD. These are low res images scaled up. Also these are called Full Art and not HD.




If you make actual HD pack of most cards I love you long time. 😃
well.. for your info i downloaded more than 1500 cards from yugi wiki and renamed them all ... then used OUTLAW manger to convert them to anime cards .... just download my pack and see how most of the cards look like .... then judge them and another 2400 Cards have been downloaded from " blog" ..... and the others i made them using another softwares ...[:wall:]
Can you update the HQ Anime card(200x290) plz?
well.. u can easliy convert them to 200x290 with snagit 11 .... all of them in one shot [:thumbu:]just download snagit 11 then select all cards and right click,, then choose snagit... finally click convert and choose images size in the resize option and done... then wait for it to complete. 
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