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I'm having problems with the AI banishing its own monsters with Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning when my only monster on the field is a Marshmallon in face-up defense position. Sometimes it banishes Marshmallon, sometimes it banishes the AI's other cards, sometimes it banishes itself. I have not been able to find any reason for this as of yet.

Also, maybe improve the AI's use of Constellar Pleiades' effect to target one card on the field and return it to the hand? It doesn't seem to target spell/trap cards when it could easily throw my The Dark Door/Dimensional Fissure/Gravekeeper's Servant/etc back into my hand and attack from there. It also refuses to target Marshmallon with that effect, which pretty much means one Marshmallon can stall the entire Constellar deck until Final Countdown wins me the match. I don't know if this can be fixed, but it's rather silly.
From what i understand the AI will only target monster with higher attack than Constellar Pleiades with his effect. I've only just started looking at ai code but I'll see if i can locate the problem and make some generic code for it. Chances are it will need to be coded specifically for that card like Snarky has done with his fire fist ai. It's alot of work and only a handful of people are working on the AI so bare with it for now and just dont play combos that you know the ai stumbles on!
The marshmallon problem should be doable in a relatively generic way by making Pleiades target stronger monsters and/or monsters affected by indestructable by battle effects. Making it prioritize certain spell cards is another story, on many spells it would just be a waste of an effect, others have a devastating effect, others have certain interactions (like the Servant/DFissure combo), we would need to add these specifically.
Doctor Guy
I've had lots of situations where the AI is just plain silly. Especially if I give it something as simple as exodia, it'll play DWD and discard the head of exodia 😑 lmao

this isn't surprising
The AI its like a child, give it cards easy to play like mirror force, dimensional prison, night beam... cards with effects to TARGET OPPONENT CARDS or else its going to play in a self destructive way c: (still dont know why i put that face <_<').
For that i made a special deck for the AI, stil need some changes (ex: goblindberg summon battle fader). but works good...
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I know the AI banishing its own cards when there is no valid target is not new, but that's not the first issue. That issue is BLS SOMETIMES banishes another AI-controlled monster or itself when marshmallon is on the field instead of banishing marshmallon like it should. Marshmallon is a valid target for BLS, so it should be banished if it's the only monster card on my side of the field. Why Marshmallon is not returning as a valid target I have no idea.