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don't you see this card is overpowered? it's totally impossible even to synchro summon other monsters to destroy it?
Should't this be banned?
It has multiple weakness like Stardust Dragon does. All you need to do is find these weaknesses and exploit them.

I will give you one to start with. D.D. Crow.
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But The assault mode negates it once he tribute himself
Ok, you do not get what D.D. Crow can do.

1. You bait out Assault Mode Stardust with a different card.

2. Once it is in the Graveyard you use D.D. Crow and remove it from play.

3. Problem solved.
To take out Stardust/Assault Mode ,use some card as decoy and use cards like D.D Crow as Steeldarkeagel said, Card Ejector, Soul Release, in case of zombie's deck: Book of Life, Delg the Dark Monarch, in case of dragon's deck: Darkflare Dragon ...
Stardust/Assault Mode is powerful, but some cards can remove him from play, however, just if he is in the graveyard .If you have Skill Drain on field, Stardust/AM is like nothing and a lot of cards can take him out.
I use Stardust dragon Assault mode all the time and let just say some people try to prevent it to be summon like banishing stardust from the grave, destroying my face-down assault mode active trap or activating royal decree to prevent me to use my assault mode trap.

My advice go after Stardust dragon and the assault mode active trap with them pin down your enemy wont be able to use Stardust dragon Assault mode at all.[:smile:]
if use hunder deck. you can easily defeat Stardust assault mode by using Stardust dragon.
1. normal Summon Pahunder/mahunder
2. normal summon vylon prism
3. synchro summon stardust dragon
4. activate vylon prism effect (it will increase stardust dragon attack by 1000)
5. if your opponent negate vylon prism effect by use stardust assault mode, negate it with your stardust dragon. if your opponent didnt do anything, just attack his stardust assault mode with your stardust (u has more attack)
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