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I am not a professional player but it seems that OCG decks are rather interesting for me, as japan are the main country who make cards, I just wanna ask, If you guys have any links for reference like this site that tell me more examples of recent OCG decks?

it will be great if you guys can provide a .ydk Ocg website

PS: it wil be fine if the site is japanese cause I know a bit of it

Here you go,this is a site that show the statistic about the recent topped deck(s) and most used card(s) in OCG metagames ( Only official tourneys in Jp).;Event3=1&Event4=1 

I see that you knew a little bit of Japanese,so i think no need for me to explain for this site.
I was always wondering about OCG and TCG. I know there are some OCG only and TCG only cards, but why are the banlist and meta so different? Is it the playstyle that's different in TCG/OCG or something else? I mean OCG banlist still got Heavy, Reborn, Jugdment etc. The logic behind it could be "fight broken with broken" but then you could do the same with TCG banlist.
OCG cards are far more advanced and farther ahead ahead than tcg cards (that exist in america and other countries). our cards to asia them is old news. only true way to get to know them is just making and using those decks. idk of the reasons why of the reasons of OCG rulings differences besides being asian (their rullings) and hating backrow cards than anybody (or cyber stein finally unbanned for almost 11 years). i lean towards TCG obviously

but percy (i still thank him) gives us the luxury of programming the cards couple months they are in print in JP they get all the newest and last first before any other country us TCG guys irl we don't see them until about a year or possibly more we hardly know they exist

again have to use the decks to fully understand how wonderful they are

for example shinra AKA sylvans are a combonation of Merlantean and lightsworn but all plants
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