I'd get triple megalo if I could find it in my shop, but unfortunately...
(Also, I'm unwilling to buy packs, aha)

Aside from the obvious L/R7 omissions, is there any secret tech that you'd recommend me to try out?
Any card choices you don't understand?

Any help would be appreciated 🙂
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Would You mind to tell us what other extra deck monster (Fusion/Synchro/Xyz) do you have in real life ,aside from the side in ydk file that i see

Recently got back into yugioh after selling my stuff for vanguard, so I have a small collection XD

Only other extra deck cards are Shark Caesar and Grenosaurus 😛
i can't say its a good idea asking advice from ygo pro (or DN even though that sucks). the primary reason we all come here is we love yugioh and don't have the funding to play professionally to keep up with today's standards of a good deck, and my reason is all of the above; can be simply testing out a deck before we invest money. for us we can advise on what decks, builds, hybrids, or innovations to use because the cards we have now obviously digital at no expense. type out the name there's boom all cards that exists not even in print yet in japan, for the IRL guys work harder than we do here in ygo pro and DN have to either buy/hunt for various packs or order online (i miss doing that 3 years back)

i am not trying to say which is better, i am just saying its a bad idea for a hard working individual to ask us for advice with budget decks for reasons of, over HERE, its assuming you are Kazuki Takahashi (creator of yugioh) have entire library of existing cards at your disposal can even make up your own cards (ygo pro if you know how to make scripts/program; i sure as hell don't).

most of us are composed of individuals from basically all over the world who cannot afford to buy cards to keep up with the now for various reasons, to us not having that particular card irl sounds like a personal issue with funding and availability and here just means we get to yell at percy for being lazy (i don't think he is, occasionally i do)

this remains true for both irl and ygo pro you need every advantage (even micro) you can possibly get to succeed otherwise meaning little prosperity and failure.
Thanks for taking the time to type such a long reply :)
Now for my own XD

I understand how it's unreasonable to ask for 'budget' options on a site like this, but the reason I chose this site is because, between deck lists from card sites I've seen, people are absolutely willing to try out any tech choice they may have in mind. This mindset comes from the luxury of being allowed most (if not all) of the cards in yugioh's lifespan. I've only seen about 10 or so decks submitted to this site, but I felt that it's enough to come to this conclusion. Dammit, there's a Hieratic Toon deck here, of all things!

As you pointed out, the problem itself is card availability; budgets, cards being region-locked for the moment, or Tyler the Great Warrior (top-tier). Some of the interesting tech choices I've seen on this site don't necessarily cost a million bucks, and are TCG-available. I don't see as many big eyes or dracossacks as I usually do, even though people have access to everything that's broken, haha.

The next issue pointed out comes with player skill: deck-building, play-making, winning cosplay contests...
I'm not judgmental when it comes to this (maybe except the cosplay part :p). The cards themselves are what matter to me and on ygopro, I see a great diversity of these; one of the most prominent and respected posters here seems to main Lightsworns, a deck I never see IRL (Fire-Fist/Chaos Dragon scene in Toronto) and rarely see online.

All this being said, the transferability between what I learn here and IRL is questionable, to say the least. If anything, it's just pleasant to see alternate points of view and different mindsets.

tl;dr: ygopro allows us to use cards and combos no sane person would use, and that creativity is exactly what i'm looking for 🙂
its just me i would not really go for it first place if i cannot afford the habit for optimal play (last deck i ever used irl was machina oppression gagets w/ synchs).
imagine nothing exists outside of your personal collection of different cards

every deck has a limit to what combination of cards makes it work, until then those cards come to your collection and/or existence (also after enough funding) going to have to wait. its the same result whether its limited to your irl collection or here ygo pro. i would just say best can obtain here as well is obviously testing the deck without limitations (obviously TCG version against tcg/ocg decks) out with optimal cards.

because nobody want to invest in cards buy them online and then later realize its a waste of money, if it works[:thumbu:] if cannot win against ocg decks back to the drawing board then [:thumdn:] always good to have that foresight

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