I am having a problem with activating some cards sometimes , for example, during a duel I couldn't activate " tachyon chaos hole " from the graveyard , but in the next duel it worked , also " galaxy eyes cloud dragon " sometimes doesn't summon galaxy eyes from the graveyard and sometimes it works . What is going on ??
It could be that another cards effect was stopping you being able to do certain actions.

If you can post replays and explain at which turn you could not do something then we can look into it. Also we will need to know on which server it is on.
I have the replay ,but an error occurs when my opponent draws " rank up magic - the seventh one " and the replay ends , as for the server it was ygopro ( USA) .
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You could never activate Tachyon Chaos Hole in the Graveyard because you had no valid targets for it.

The only Galaxy Xyz you had in the Graveyard was Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon and he was never correctly Xyz summoned so he could not be SS from the Graveyard.

I also having a problem with galaxy eyes cloud dragon i can use it effect to summon galaxy eyes from my hand but not in the grave i check if there are any card that prevented my galaxy eyes cloud dragon effect to work and there was none i play againts the ai so i can't post any replay to show you sorry[:cry:]